My belated Christmas post.

So we had Christmas.

I have no photographic evidence.

Sean got sick about two days before Christmas, maybe three? But still had shopping to do.  So he shopped. And was sick.

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Christmas day I woke up sick.  Mostly tired but knowing…it’s coming.

Alex Michael also felt pretty off.  But not the same off.

The kids (Shaughnessy, Adam and theboy) came over in the afternoon.

So here’s the deal, they start in the morning at their house (after birthday extravaganza the night before), then go to his Nana’s house for fun and brunch and then come to our house.  It’s the second year in a row we’ve done it this way…I think. Maybe the third.  But by the time he gets to our house the child is tired. SO tired. And it’s really past naptime. If he naps…he won’t sleep later. He kind of doesn’t love to sleep. We’re not sure where he came from.

So he’s tired and whiney and grouchy and ugh.  Poor kid. I feel so bad for him.  I just want all the sugar and giftwrap madness to go away so he doesn’t have such stimulus happening.

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I think we’ll have to come up with another plan of some sort next year.  Maybe it’ll be easier because he’ll be five. I don’t know.  I’m not worried, we’ll figure it out. We were military for so long we’re pretty cool about switching up days if we have to so everyone gets accomodated.  Makes for a much more relaxing day.


Everyone was so kind for Christmas. Sean got me some Legos (I like toys), a scarf and a couple of books.  Shaughnessy and Adam got me a book…I can’t place it but I’m hoping when my brain kicks in I’ll remember where the name is familiar. I swear I wrote it down as a ~wanttoread~.   MT got me wireless headphones for running (bigcheesygrin) and Alex got me running socks (sohappy!).  And my dear sweet mom got me a book, too!  I have a lot of reading to do to catch up.

*sigh* I love reading.

I can’t even tell you how much candy I got. I am certain I have a cavity from it all. And I have the majority of it left. Yeesh.

I used my credit card points ~and actual real cash money~ and got us plane tickets to New York City over Valentine’s weekend.  I had such an amazing time going with Miss Andrea, I thought..hey, I should go with the person I USUALLY sleep with. Not that she isn’t a good time to sleep with and all…

He kind of gets ripped off since I made it his Christmas and birthday gift.

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Sucks to be him. I’ll do anything to be done shopping after the holidays. 😉


I got sicker as the evening wore on. Sean felt awful all day.

Alex crashed mid day with a horribly high fever and body aches.  Pretty sure he had a flu bug of some sort.  He recovered 80% over the next two days but was still pretty wiped.

Sean has what seems to be a mix of a cold and a flu.  He has a terrible headache but doesn’t really have the ~holy cow my body hurts so much I could die~ pain.  He also has no fever. Just a really congested head.  I have the same congested head.  It’s super fun.

Here it is four days after Christmas and Sean and I are still worn out sick.  I got off work on Friday and pretty much came home and slept.

This is how we felt both Saturday and Sunday.

You can’t go to work / school | 10 Reasons Being Sick Is Sort Of The Best

It’s been a ridiculous four days of wishing we felt better each day.

How fun is my blog today??

I have not run since before Christmas and I will not run until I feel human again. I’m hoping a day or two at the most.  I’m tired and really just want to sleep.

I have to work in the morning which is a mere…11 hours away.  Okay, I don’t really work in the morning. I work in the early afternoon. But I have to wake up in the morning so it still counts. Must go to sleep now.

If anyone has the cure for the common cold…let me know.  I’ll totally sleep with you for it.


Tea soothes, it revitalizes, it calms, it centers, it reminds you to be happy right now.

Run on…and add a mile for me. I’m too freakin’ tired.  🙂

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