It is finally here. I’m not excited. Shut up. I’m so not. Whatever…

I realize I haven’t been super chatty recently.

Christmas just did me in.

I made the mistake of saying that out loud and now I’ve been ostracized. Quite sad, really.

Everyone wants to have a great holiday season and I’m …tired.

It’s not like I feel that EVERY holiday season. Just this one.

I read another friend’s post and she said she’s over it, but then she doesn’t get the holiday season off work.

Hey…I don’t either. Maybe that’s it. Everyone is off work but me.

And by everyone I say Sean.

love animated GIF


And of course there’s

the cold. 

love animated GIF

I think Sean is finally better, and I feel so much better today I’m looking forward to not wanting to just sleep tomorrow.


Sean was in a very low key ~no one got hurt but the car~  accident over the weekend.  He’s totally fine and no one got any ticket’s in the accident. The woman that caused it got away scot free (we’re shocked of course ::sarcasm::) but his beautiful new Liberty is probably toast.  Sadness. We’ll find out tomorrow.  So now he’s driving a little rental car in this horrid weather. I’m so glad he’d only a mile from work.


ouat animated GIF

I’m glad you asked…

This morning is….

The appointment.

That’s right Folks.

I finally get to see the neurologist.  

I’ve seen so many in my lifetime and I’m hoping this one is super nice and very helpful because I’m so over this mad crazy rush of migraines I need to do something.

I am consulting her about Botox and I hope it goes well. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated.

Must go…we’re having a blizzard. High of -4*.

That, Folks, is unfriendly.


As I sit here typing this…I just saw an advertisement for Weight Watchers. Start your new life I guess. It’s already the new year.  Get off your ass and start losing weight People.
Geez…no pressure.  ::shakeshead::

Run on…


6 Replies to “It is finally here. I’m not excited. Shut up. I’m so not. Whatever…”

  1. At least Sean wasn’t hurt. Good luck with your appointment. I get moody almost every Christmas.

    I’m stalking my weather apps this morning, waiting for it to hit 1 degree to go run. I’m dealing with the cold/winds fine, but my body is sick of plowing over the snow & ice. Tomorrow will feel like a heatwave. Hoping for a warmup by next week.

    1. Pretty normal to get moody at Christmas. It happens to me every once in a awhile but this year the tired really threw me. I want time to work/workout/and see my husband 🙂
      You are a rockstar to head out at 1*! That’s awesome. Ihope you have a great run. I think my cold is running my life right now.

  2. Hope the appointment goes well! If the weather stays in fabulous mode you may get to go in with a lovely migraine. Keep us posted. Im very glad sean is ok but wish your jeep was too.

    1. The appt went really well! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow 🙂 I’m beyond grateful Sean is ok. That is all that matters. It’s just a car. Although it’s a really cute car that belonged to him and that makes me sad.

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