The diagnosis is in…bring on the Botox. Yes, I’m nervous.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall keep me from my neurologists appt that I freaking waited for since September I think.  Good Lord that was a long wait.

And it was cold…

A high of 7* today.

Snow snow snow this morning and since yesterday at least…I lost track. Roads were awful.

I actually told him I waited since September and he said, “oh! That’s not too bad at all!”

reaction animated GIF

holy smokes. If that’s normal, what’s bad?

My appt was at 9:40.  If you’ve ever been to a specialist, you know that 9:40 really means 10am is your appointment. 9:40 is the time you have to be there to do your paperwork and check in. Except the person that set me up three months ago did it the wrong way and so when I got there five minutes late today (I got lost and the roads were awful) I was actually five minutes late and they were having a  panic attack because holy cow nobody EVER misses an appointment with Dr Fabulous.

So I was rushed in while I was still taking my gloves off.

I had my whole appt with my hat on.

It was amusing. I was amused. He probably thought…she forgot to take her hat off. She’s elderly. Poor dear. 😉


He was SO nice. Asked my entire history which I had already filled out completely prior to my visit and brought in.  Why do they make me write it down if they’re just going to ask me?

seriously animated GIF

Then I asked HIM a few questions.

I told him I’ve heard time and again that I’ll be totally cured as soon as I go through menopause.  I gave him all the anecdotal evidence and such and then I said….I don’t think this is true. I’ve only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older and I’ve had these headaches as long as I can remember so...what do you think?

He said it’s possible but he doesn’t think so either. He said the brain is sort of trained at this point to have the migraines. He diagnosed me with Chronic Migraines (again. I’ve had that diagnosis before) and said let’s fix me.

let the Snoopy dancing commence…

He quizzed me extensively and then said I was a perfect textbook candidate for Botox. 

Yes Folks.

I’m getting Botox for my migraines. This is NOT Botox for cosmetic purposes. I just want that to be clear clear clear.

This is    Capture1 to help me not have a migraine nearly every day.  It’s kind of exciting in a ~too much to hope for~ kind of way.  Also, I’m so used to this way of living, I don’t know any other way.  So weird. So I’m not getting TOO excited. Just a little happy.  And taking it in slowly. I mean, anything could happen AND it may not work for me, I could have side effects, etc. I just can’t get too excited about it. But for now, I’m allowing a little dancing.

You may dance. 


Pending insurance approval, I have an appointment on February 9th.

I’ll be getting THIRTY SHOTS….in my head and neck…how crazy is that.  The nurse said he’s very fast and it only takes him about twenty minutes. I told her to tell him to feel free to take his time. Yikes.

You’re welcome to ask questions. I know I have some and I did a LOT of research.

My cold is at the tail end, I’m so hoping to get to run tomorrow. I’m feeling like mush. 🙁

(p.s. I think I just used this motivation poster, but I really feel it right now!)


Love the run…run on…

11 Replies to “The diagnosis is in…bring on the Botox. Yes, I’m nervous.”

  1. I read your post twice, Tess. I’m still stuck on the thirty shots. I nearly fell over.

    But, if this can stop your pain and give you your life back, I get it.

    I should have read this after I had my coffee. Cold weather running is messing with me. Have a weird headache (slight) nightly after dinner seems a sinus or weather related thing. Promptly goes away in 30 minutes. Last night, I didn’t one. Surprising, since I ran 4.04 miles in -4 yesterday. Hardest thing I’ve ever done and craziest. I give my streak another week tops and I’m done. I’m tired and my feet about hate me.

    Happy New Year.

    1. I’ll be honest, in my research I don’t remember thirty! It definitely took me a minute to take that in! So I’m just going to trust him and if it’s a horrible awful experience that doesn’t work I don’t have to do it again. She says as she sits at her computer waiting for drugs to kick in…

      And I am SO IMPRESSED you are still on with your streak. That is awesome. -4* is freakin’ cold. It IS crazy> Great job! I’m sorry your feet hate you. Did you have an end date set? Or just go till you decide not to anymore?

    1. You and I are experts and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. I think this might! Then I can cross ONE thing off my list? Maybe? LOL

  2. Tess, today is day 38 streaking. If I can hang, I’ll try and continue until I hit 45 or 50 days. Just to see if my body can manage it. The idea of streaking all of 2015 is gone, I know I can’t manage that unless I dropped down to 1 or 2.5 miles a day. Plus, first ice storm, I’d bail.

    I’ll streak until my legs or mind says enough. Take a few days off and reevaluate where I’m at and get back to running 4-5 days a week and increase my mileage.

    1. Wow, Diane. 38 days is so awesome. I am so jealous. Keep up the great work. I have never made it that far. I made it close once but not that far. Keep safe and don’t hurt yourself! Great job!

    1. hahaa. Wait. Aren’t you like…twenty? I mean you are BEAUTIFUL. And I have…NO JOKE…been married longer than you have been alive.

      I love telling people that. It’s such a shock to their system. 🙂 I totally don’t want it for cosmetic reasons, but unfortunately I followed the link and it shows they are totally putting it in my forehead. I’m going to be one of those women. Those too old to know better and want to look like they’re twenty so they pay for it but it’s so obvious. Ugh. I need a sign I can wear around my neck. I could get that printed up, right? Not awkward at all. 😉

    1. I read that. It’s supposed to be very successful. I’m really trying not to get my hopes too high but he was SO positive about it. He also said he was totally getting rid of my favorite drugs. I told him I would drop him like a bad habit if he took my drugs. He just laughed. Dude…I know people. Don’t mess with my drugs.

      When does your dad get it? I hope it works for him…

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