Survey filling time…

Now, technically the name of the survey is I Mustache You a Question. 

But I can’t stand that so I skipped it and called it a survey.

Also, I was reading KS Runner and she just threw it out there to her readers so I grabbed it. She really has no clue who I am so, um, thanks KS Runner, for the survey. ::bigcheesygrin:: They say it’s an easy content fill but I find it excruciating because I can’t make any decisions. I love them ALL.  So frustrating.

But they are so randomly interesting to me…they just must be to everyone else, right? I knew it.

What do people like and dislike and so on…

I love to read random facts.

So here you go…but I’m going to say this could be ten things instead of four.  Probably why my son says I talk too much. Please refer to yesterday’s post for that comment. *sigh*

Four names that people call me:

1Teresa (Teresa Fern if you’re my mom and you’re mad at me which of course NEVER happens hehe)

2. Kiddo (what Sean calls me. And no one else)

3. Tess (mostly online and to confuse my mom)

4. Tisa (I used to go by this when I was a little kid.  I haven’t used that name since I was about 18 or 19. Random name change)

5. Babe (theboy calls me this…he’s the only one allowed)

6. Momm, Momma, Mommasahn… (I answer to all of these from my kids…it must be noted, even though they are grown)

Four jobs I’ve had:

1. salesclerk at JCPenney for 30 days until I got fired…or they decided not to retain me after my 30 day “probation period”. Is that fired? Mom?  (she’ll say no…she’s always on my side)

2. personal assistant to a missionary in Germany

3. Archivers (yes People, I worked at Archivers. And yes, it was as awesome as you all think it was. It rocked. Sad day when it closed)

4. bank teller/bookkeeper (just hearing that… my mother is falling asleep. Sorry Mom, bungee jumper was taken so they gave me the next available opening they had)

the office animated GIF

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

 seriously? really? only four? Geez. Okay totally random off the top of my head…

1.  Pride and Prejudice (The cinematography. Wow…

2. Spy Game (Robert Redford and Brad Pitt)

3.  Secret Life of Walter Mitty What a great feel good happy little movie.

4. Sneakers (Also Robert Redford but tons of other amazing people to include River Phoenix, Dan Akroyd, Sydney Poitier…oh man that’s a great movie). 


Four books I’d recommend:

1.  Columbine by Dave Cullen

2. My Life with the Saints by James Martin

3.  Montana 1948 by Larry Watson (don’t be swayed by the fact that I’m from MT and I named my son Montana. It was still a good book)

4.  Can I say Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand when every other person in the history of the world has said it?  I loved it so much I sent it to my non-reader son and HE loved it. THAT’S saying something.

Four places I’ve lived:

1. Montana born and raised.

Click this link to see why MT will always have our heart. But Colorado is a superclosesecond.


2. Bruchmuhlbach, West Germany (hey…at the time, it was West Germany, then while we were there…the wall fell and we suddenly lived in Germany) (on a side note: I have no idea how to get an umlaut over the “u” in Bruchmuhlbach.  I attempted this feat and fell over exhausted and spent with no hope of finding the answer nor getting provisions through to regroup and start again)

3. Belleview, Nebraska (Offutt Air Force Base)

4. Denver, Colorado Baby

Four places I have been:

1. Czechoslovakia

2. Switzerland

3. Austria


too many places to count. too many places I love.

Four places I’d rather be right now:

1. Hiking MT Everest to Base Camp. 

2.  Sitting at the kitchen counter next to Sean, typing at my computer and watching a movie. Where I am now. *It should be noted he got tired and went to bed. 

3.  gluten free bakery hello darling

4.  Road trip. I love them.  

Four things I don’t eat: (things I have a disease for or are allergic to are not included)

1. ketchup. yuk. shudder. gross.

2. liver and onions.  *I put that in just for you, Mom

3. Mushrooms, or anything slimy.

4. fried or breaded foods.  Because I just don’t like them.  *Grilled shrimp forever* 

Four of my favorite foods:

1. cheeseburgers

2french fries/skinny

3. cake

4. mashed potatoes and gravy

Four TV shows that I watch(ed)

1.   NYPD Blue   I love it. I don’t care if it dates me. I have a ton of cop friends younger than me that swear it’s the truest there is out there.

2. Friends. Thank the Lord this show was created. I am so happy now.  

3. The Closer. I love Kyra Sedgwick and cop shows. Sue me. Or don’t, I don’t have any money.

4. Major Crimes. The spin off from The Closer. I live in a box. I know this. I’m comfortable with that.

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

1. being healthier and feeling better. Celiac and migraines nothwithstanding.

2. Getting stronger running. Always

3. considering running another marathon

4. considering running an ultra. possibly. maybe. it’s just an idea.

Four things I’m saying:

1. Hey Baby?? Do you know why my computer is doing…>insert offending computer issue here<?

2. No worries…

3. I can’t believe how much my head hurts. Seriously.

4. I’m so freaking cold. How can it be this cold? Didn’t we just turn the heat up?

This turned out to be far more labor intensive than I expected…and I totally expected it to be that! So as much as I would LOVE anyone or everyone to answer these for me…I totally don’t blame you for not. I’m worn out and my husband has already made fun of me for sitting at the counter all day. Though he doesn’t know I’ve written three posts, not just one. Smart ass.

If you want to answer ONE you are welcome to do that, too.

If you want to roll your eyes at me, you can do that, too. You’re in the computer and I can’t see you so. Ha.


Running quotes

Run on…and maybe be careful what you sign on for. Geez. I can run a marathon but do a survey and I’m exhausted. Whew.


14 Replies to “Survey filling time…”

  1. Hubby & I have the heat up, we complain and layer up daily. I should feel bad, but almost daily I’m wearing heavy sweats, rag socks, layers and a hoodie inside a warm, comfy house.

    I lasted 39 days streaking, today was it. 2.01 miles ran. I pondered all day running day 40 in the morning, but I have a sore shin, sore and tired feet. Taking off for at least 3 days . It us going to be wonderful or very weird after running daily.

    Is it ever going to stop snowing? So over it already.

    1. I couldn’t believe the snow! It’s so unbelievably constant! I have to drive across Denver tomorrow and I just stared at it tonight. I usually don’t mind it but man, I am cold. I was bundled so much I was super warm tonight so I took my sweater off my shoulders. But when I put my hands under the hot water the relief was so great I just stood there like I’d never be warm again.

      39 days is so incredible. I am SO in awe of you. That is really really a feat in this weather, in this cold, with the snow and everything. And if you are hurting you should definitely take the time off. Good for you. I hesitate to say ice your shins…LOL…but take care of them. And put your feet up. How nice to rest. Good job Baby!

  2. Jane Eyre- i have seen 5 versions of it.
    Much ado about Nothing, the kenneth branaugh version.probably seen it ten times.
    every version of A Christmas Carol. Every single one.
    And : Solaris. I prefer the russian version.
    I can’t even imagine what that says about me.

    1. I have so many things to say. LOL
      Jane Eyre…I agree. SO good. I have NOT seen 5 versions. Maybe two?
      Much ado about Nothing…I am ashamed to say I feel like I’ve seen it but probably not. ::hangshead::
      I’m not sure we’re related. I don’t love A Christmas Carol. I KNOW> I’m sorry.
      Solaris. Huh. Never caught my eye. I suppose I could give it a try though. I’m always up for a good time. *wink*

      1. Lol, I love the personal growth and ownership of behavior that happens in a Christmas Carol. Its so joyful. As for Solaris, I dont recomend it. Its looooooong and achingly slow. I cant even tell you why I like it. Im always hesitant to tell people I have seen it because I seem like a movie snob or just a weirdo. Let alone tell them I have seen it in russian probably five times!

  3. Yeah, I wasn’t drawn to it but I”ll watch anything. And Christmas Carol is hard to watch just for how sad it starts out. I do see the personal growth and ownership and such…but getting there…

    It’s like watching Pursuit of Happyness. LOL worst movie ever.

    1. Random trivia about people is one of my favorite things. My dad filled out one of those email questionnaires that made the rounds YEARS ago…and now that he’s gone it’s one of my favorite things to hang onto. Just a little piece of who he is I guess.

  4. I love the Pursuit of happyness, such a wonderful movie. Yesterday we saw Big Eyes, so great. I love Jane Eyre. Don’t like a Christmas Carol, too sad and too slow. Never heard of solaris, so there ya go!

    1. OH…Big Eyes was good? I’m totally noting that. You just can’t go wrong with Jane Eyre I think. I think it’s interesting you don’t like A Christmas Carol but you love Pursuit of Happyness. Solaris really is a little whack. I remember from years ago. And she watches the Russian version. Don’t bother. She’s a little nuts. ;

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