Charlie Brown knows what’s what.

Per yesterday’s post…I wrote and wrote and linked and wrote and published and my blog said “we’re sorry. It didn’t work. Would you like to try again?”

Yes please.

Trying again.
Nope. still nothing. Over and over. And hour of my life gone and no post. SO WRONG> And all that literary prose just disappeared into the universe!

That sentence up there might be my best example of sarcasm to date.

sarcasm animated GIF


So MT thinks I’m mother of the year because I told him I have to write my post. It’s eleven pm and I have to go to bed.  We’ve been talking for nearly and hour. I love to talk to him but now I have to write so I can go to bed.  I ended up being too tired.  This flu is killing me. I wrote it this morning.

Mother of the year.

Give a mom a break, Dude.

or…not  ::sob::

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So…this totally happened this morning.  I thought…OH. I’m going to order that RIGHT NOW! Thinking of something I needed.  You know…before I forget!  And I sat down to order it and brought up Amazon on the computer.  Immediately…IMMEDIATELY I forgot what I was ordering.
But I did see a book that looked interesting. It led to another book that looked interesting and yes…I ended up buying a book.

I still couldn’t remember what I wanted to order.

So I wandered around on the Internets for awhile checking things out.  Finally thought…my head is demanding attention.

I had waited long enough and had to take care of it.

I got up and headed to the medicine in the cupboard and as I did my Achilles cringed.


I thought…I should take some Advil to help the irritation my Achilles are dealing with.

And I should do yoga this morning.  If only I could find my yoga…

and it hit me…

That’s what I was going to order!

Damn that was painful.  You know, in the whole…why doesn’t my brain work like a normal person?

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Back to the computer.

New yoga DVD ordered.

There. That should ensure the old DVD will show up in the next two days.

Because…that’s how it works, right? In my world anyway.


It was 60* in Denver yesterday.

We went to a movie and when we came out it was freezing rain and a layer of ice on the windshield was so thick it took Sean ten minutes to scrape it off the windshield.

That’s Crazy!

crazy animated GIF



I emailed my doctor yesterday to ask him…um…at what point do you go beyond cold and into “must contact your doctor?

So…the actual question is….what’s the deciding factor?

Today I don’t ACTUALLY want to die anymore. I figure that did it.

Like the DVD, right?  Or taking a violently ill child to the doctor. They will be perfectly healthy as soon as you get there.  The moment I contacted him I got better.

Figures.  He’ll be amused. And probably relieved since he just saw me three days ago for my kid.

Meanwhile, I feel so awful…I’m pretty over it.

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I’m going to the gym tonight. I’ve decided to do a very light ~must move this body~ workout. Don’t worry Mom, I won’t do too much.

I’m also doing a little yoga this morning so I can take good care of the Evil Achilles.

Peace. It does not mean to be in place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.


Run on and have joy…