That’s not quite what I meant by “clean living”

I’m sitting in bed typing and Sean is finally sleeping next to me. He has a terrible headache and the rest is so needed.

Remember I’m not on the rental car and we didn’t have our car back until just tonight.

Being trapped is so unfriendly.

It wouldn’t have even been an issue except we were supposed to have our car back on Thursday.

And Friday.

And Saturday.

And Monday.

And Tuesday. Thank the heavens it made it back today or I might have driven out there myself and just taken it back. I mean come ON.

Sean took me to the gym on Saturday and I had a great four mile workout on the elliptical.

A good sweatout and some lifts and I felt a little better.

I don’t get sick often. I figure it’s a combination of all the antibodies I must build up working with money and God’s grace because I have Celiac and Chronic Migraines. But this flu threw me.

I messaged my doctor to ask him at what point should I see him. I feel ok…but still have a few symptoms. He came back later and said this year’s illnesses are really knocking people down.

Expect to be fatigued for 6-7 weeks.

You can imagine the gym workout will NOT be a stellar workout on the heels of that prognosis.

Saturday and Sunday night each had difficult sleeps.

So after work Monday I opted for no workout. I headed home and I slept.

And I slept and I slept and I slept.

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I’m not even sorry. Monday was amazing after that.

Today was good but we since we didn’t get the car I still didn’t work out because I can’t get to the gym. I’m not going to make Sean drop me off and come get me an hour and  a half later.

Tomorrow I’m so taking the car and running errands. I just am.

I have big big plans for tomorrow.

Big running errand plans. I’ve never been so excited to go to the grocery store.

I know. I have no life.

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So here’s what I learned today. .. since this post is fairly unexciting..and yet all about germs…I’ll attempt to inform the uninformed:

According to Good Housekeeping’s  Meaghan Murphy:

How often should you wash towels:

Bath towels used once a day to dry off should be washed on the third day.

How often should you clean the bathroom:

You don’t want to know this but…every day. I KNOW.  I live with men, it’s not that much of a surprise to me. Actually, they are quite neat for the most part. I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out which ones might be the problems. 😉  Toilet seat, handle and rim should be wiped down every day so it’s handy to keep those little disinfectant wipes in the bathroom.  I’d wipe the lightswitch, too. Just a thought. Says the girl with the flu.

How often should you change your sheets:

Weekly…Sheets and pillowcases weekly.  That’s pretty normal.

How often should you clean your fridge:

Do it on a weekly basis, if you do it around your trash day it’s a little easier. I actually usually do this and it is fairly simple. Truth be told…I do not do leftovers well.  I usually flirt with my husband and he does it. I wipe things down afterwards.  Old food makes me nauseated.


Now my dirty little secret…

I love love love to organize.

What do you mean, it wasn’t a secret? Whatever…

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So if Pinterest doesn’t suck you in already…

Check out Good Housekeeping.  Oh my Lord.

If I’m not back by spring…well I’m spring cleaning, duh. Look for me in June. 😉

Keep in mind…I could be cleaning.

Or I could be running. I’m a sneaky one...I’m hard to catch.


Run on…

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  1. If you ever run out of things to clean and organize in your place, come on over here. Expect the mess might kill ya 😉

    Hope you keep feeling better and better! That flu sounds awful 🙁

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