Freedom. Don’t think too highly of me…

I’m just talking about shopping.

First thing I did this morning was get my nails done.

Oh my GOSH it feels so much better. My nail beds get really sore when I go too long and my nail polish peels off. So unfriendly.

After that (french manicure with pale pink…so pretty 🙂 ) I thought…all the errands, what should I do first?

I blew them all off and went to TJMaxx

Well…that wasn’t happy.

They apparently don’t have the heat on during the night so when you’re there first thing in the morning it is ARCTIC.

movie animated GIF


So I went there with the intention of looking for a few blouses for work and it was so freaking cold I thought it must be a new marketing scheme.

I couldn’t get away from the sweaters.

I didn’t buy any, I really don’t need any sweaters right now…

excited animated GIF


I KNOW! I restrained myself. And some of them were clearanced, dammit.

It was incredibly difficult to not grab them all and run to the register because they were all so beautiful and soft and pretty and warm.

Let’s just reiterate. Warm.

It was freezing in there.

I couldn’t even concentrate it was so cold.  The displays at the front were taken over by workout clothes (January resolutions anybody?) and I was sucked in by the cuteness.

I did find one cute tank I couldn’t resist putting back so I spent my $9.99 and ran out the door as quick as I could.

I can’t believe I was warmer outside than inside.

I was 30 minutes early to work because I just didn’t want to be there any more.

TJMaxx fail,  People.


Came home and crashed with a major headache.

I did my calf raises…

calf drops



foam roll

You’re not supposed to run until your achilles are completely pain free…

But man I’m over that game.

I miss running.


Gotta run…

4 Replies to “Freedom. Don’t think too highly of me…”

  1. Ugh. Freezing in a store, awful. It’s usually restaurants for me.

    Sorry your not able to run yet. Hope it’s sooner.

    We need a week or two of warmer weather. The cold running is wearing me out. Yesterday, it was 30 degrees in full sun. I roasted and sweated like a crazy woman. My hair was just completely soaked.

    1. Oh I sweat terrible. I look like I just got out of the shower after I run. It’s ridiculous. And off the treadmill? Forget about it. It’s hilarious. It’s supposed to be warm warm warm and I’m going to LOVE it.

      Per the cold in the restaurants, YES. Right? My biggest pet peeve is the cold bathrooms in restaurants. I mean, what is UP with that? Turn on the pickin’ heat, People! I want to own a restaurant just so I can show them how it’s done.
      Great job on the run though! Even if it was all sweaty 😉

  2. That’s crazy about the store being so cold! I hate that. Good for you for not buying all the sweaters 😉 And yay for getting your nails done! Sounds like a lovely color choice 🙂

    And also good for you for doing your exercises. Hope you’re pain free soon!

    1. Oh my nails feel so pretty! It really is silly how good you can feel with good clean nails.

      I hope to be pain free, too. Let’s hope.

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