Waxing Poetic…via four year old.

After work we went to get our Jeep back from  Shaughnessy and Adam. And of course, secretly visit with Theboy.  They live in a beautiful little neighborhood where you can walk two blocks and there’s an ice cream shop.  We headed off to have a little dessert and spend a little time hangin’ together.

Theboy had the best best best time of all of us. I’m certain. And he wore the evidence.




When we got home we stood on the sidewalk talking and he walked over to the steps and sat down…then he stretched out backwards and looked up at the sky.  I headed over there and sat next to him in the dark.  This was our conversation very slightly paraphrased as I had to go by memory.

He said: I’m lookin’ at the sky (he says quietly)

Stretching out next to him in the dark on the cold sidewalk I said: me, too.

tb: and the trees

me: me, too.

tb: whoa, that was a big bus. 

(a bus drove by and made a very loud noise)

me: that WAS a big bus 

tb: the trees are really big….

me: yep. The trees are really big. 

tb: I don’t like to eat the big trees.

me: do you eat a lot of big trees?

tb: no. only the little trees.

me: you eat little trees?

tb: yeah. they’re green. they’re REALLY REALLY green. Only they’re BROCCOLI…

(he’s kind of grinning a little as he says that)

I look over at him in the dark and I say: you know what, Boywonder? 

tb: what?

me: You are the best part of my day.

tb: You know what, Babe?

me: ::melting:: what?

tb: I love you.

long beautiful silence while I take in how sweet this boy is. Then:            

 tb:  uh…I just farted.  

laughed pretty hard there.  Gotta say.


I’m spending the day cleaning and enjoying the beautiful day.

Running later…yes, a very short run.  I got zero sleep last night so for sure a short nap to recharge and then…a short run.

Lots of ice, Advil and stretching the achilles. It actually feels pretty good today!

Gotta run…

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    1. Hilarious, right? Ha. He cracks me up. Run was good. Hard with the wind and coming off being sick. I feel very out of shape. But I don’t care I guess because I got to move.

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