Having faith and keeping it.

I spent the day running errands and cleaning.

It was joyful.

Nope. Not kidding. It’s my perfect kind of day….catch up day.

I took returns to the store.

I grocery shopped.

I cleaned and repaired.

Hung photos.

Scoured bathrooms…


I yoga’d.

Yep. And it was good.

And when I was done…I foam rolled for a very long time.

My legs are trashed.

I picked up my meds (the pharmacy recording and I were developing a relationship)

I did not get to see my friend. 

I was beyond sad.

but I don’t always have control so I let it go and am trusting what is supposed to happen…will.


When injuries don’t heal … we lose faith.

When we do everything we’re supposed to do and we still wake up with pain…we lose faith.

It’s important to remember our faith and our regimen of healing because that will be the path to running again.

Even if it’s not a significant injury we who run can become very discouraged, sad, depressed…some people get short tempered and angry.

Powering through and trusting what you are supposed to do.

It will work.

Keep moving forward.

Take care of you.

and, of the two, worry doesn't get anything done. sooo...


And for good measure…

Great advice. I'm a master at second guessing and ruminating. Just need to let go and trust my intuition.

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