We are having the most MOST beautiful snow today.

It’s amazing with it’s big fluffy flakes and they just float to the ground like they don’t have a care in the world.

These days are the whole reason I love Colorado. It’s so beautiful.

Pikes Peak on a random snow day, isn’t it beautiful?


I’m going to the gym to elliptical a bit. Maybe lift, I don’t know.

I’m probably going to yoga later so I can get a good stretch in and definitely foam roll.

Don’t I sound ambitious??  Ha.

Who knows.

I am putting money on the fact that I left my Nook at the gym the last time I was there…oh…two weeks ago?

So I’m HOPING (praying…pleading with the Great One) that it’s there.  I am just so not myself after weeks of being back on Topamax that I’m completely absentminded.  It’s beyond frustrating because I usually figure it out in a few minutes but my Nook is something that wanders with me. I take it to every room, sometimes to the back of the couch cushions, under the couch, on the table under a stack of other books, on a bookshelf, so many places.


As I typed that it came to me and I walked right to it. I wish I could explain how long I’ve been looking for that damn thing. I just needed to write about it. How random does my brain work.

taylor swift animated GIF

I always tell my kids if you lose something look in the place you least expect it to be and then look again and again.

And also, walk away. Give it a few days. It’ll just come to you.

There it is.  Under Alex’s video games. Uh…random?  I have no clue how it got there but I’m grateful it is found…off to plug the thing in because yes…it’s dead. Sigh.

>Hey universe~ I’m also missing a tiny little gold band that is completely unimportant and probably mostly not valuable but for some reason sentimental to me so if you’re listening…<

Now I’m rethinking my morning.

It is snowing after all…  


On that note I shall take my leave.

Oh….but not before the haircut photo because I am finally remembering to post it.

See? I’m not totally avoiding it.

image (12)

Please note the complete lack of moisture in the grass behind me….except that little strip by the fence that landed in early December and won’t melt until next August.

And today…massive snow.

Love it.


I’m going to say this today. A reminder.

Be kind to each other please. Reciprocity. The Golden Rule.


Off to yoga.

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Move forward…be it yoga, running, biking, walking, whatever your body needs today. 

6 Replies to “We are having the most MOST beautiful snow today.”

  1. I’m going to shovel, stretch massively today and maybe, do some yoga.

    My feet and lower legs haven’t been happy with me for days now. So, I took a rest day.

    Stay warm!!

    1. I just finished yoga and I’m so happy I did it. You should take the time. It’ll take the place of the “stretch massively” LOL.

      I’m not shoveling. I live with three men and I live at the freaking grocery store. No joke. Someone else can shovel. That’s my declaration today.
      I’ll probably change my mind tonight.
      I’m SO sorry your feet and legs are unhappy. 🙁 Rest and take good care of them. Smart smart move!
      You stay warm, too!

  2. I was neighborly. Shoveled sidewalks for both neighbors and chatted with a neighbor while we worked together to finish both driveways. As she came out before I finished. Stretched and did a few yoga poses. Thinking I’ll make cookies after lunch and watch watch out the window for more snow.

    I think that I’m running too many hills and/or pushing my pace too much since placing.

    1. That is so kind! I will totally shovel a neighbors walk….it’s mind I don’t want to. LOL

      As for the cookies, yum. And now I’m hungry.

      Too many hills can totally do that to your legs. The resting should definitely help and maybe backing off a little when you’re running. But nice job! My achilles do not like hills but I have learned to. I feel so good after.

    1. 🙂 Me, too! It’s so pretty out. All soft and fluffy.

      The hair isn’t too bad, thanks! I like it short.

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