I think I’ve been here before.

The first step is admitting you have a problem .

Have I had that title before? I totally think I have but how would I know? So I opted to skip it and ask those dedicated readers who have hung out here with me the longest.

You know who you are.

my sister.

my husband.

my mother.

hmmm…that might be it.

The few, the proud…

Wait…aren’t those the Marines?

Conley_T_06_21_14 (14)FB

Whatever…HE doesn’t read. He’s busy being 24.

Cute, right? You should see him now. His hair is WAY longer than mine.

I so digress…

THIS is why I started this conversation…

I think I’ve had the title before.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. 

Has that ever happened?  How would I know?

Seriously.  How would I know?

So on to admitting my problem:


Office supplies.

#Officemaxhasmyheart   #post-itsforever  #sharpiesrule   #minilegalpads

And now you see.  An intervention is clearly needed.

But oh man, the colors on those mini post-its. SO pretty

And the pop up post-its are perfect. Yellow with lines. Just like legal pads.

And the tiny little legal pads!!  Seriously!


Okay.  I must move on now.

I was driving to work this morning and saw a bumper sticker that said  Peace Love Bagels

Oh man, Right??

I LOVE a good bagel.

Until I got closer and realized it said Peace Love Beagles

Huh. That does make a little more sense.  I mean. ..

Bagels are pretty good but I’ve never known anyone to make a bumper sticker out of them.

I Love Bagels Rectangle Sticker

proven wrong once again…I suppose there is a bumper sticker for everything. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


You know when you’re driving down the road and you hear your car start making a noise….oh man. My car. It’s making a NOISEHOLYCRAP.

So you speed up to see if it’s your car and the noise speeds up and your stomach drops because it’s so SO your car. And you slow down JUST to make sure and the noise slows down and now you’re so certain and you are in absolute depression.

Your day is ruined. This is going to cost a fortune doesn’t it ALWAYS. What could it BE?

You creep forward in traffic and the turn signal allows you to go and as you turn left the noise turns right because hello…the person’s car that was making the noise was doing the exact same thing as you were.

Flow of traffic, genius. ::shakeshead::

Also…thanks God.

despicable me animated GIF


I had an appt this morning so now I have to go do my yoga because I didn’t get it done this morning and I can’t take a chance of missing it.




Move forward…balance joyfully…



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    1. Oh man did they pick on me at work. I do really go on about the office supplies a bit. I really like them. LOL

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