Sorry about the ice cream. But are you really that surprised?

It’s midnight.

The boys disappeared for the evening.

MT had to work.

Alex went to the fights.

Sean and I said…NICE.

We headed to the store and bought steaks and ice cream and came home to watch movies and hang out.

Halfway through the steak cooking process Alex came home.

Go figure. Fights don’t last as long we we thought.


I totally would have put money on that being a late into the night event.

Seriously…that boy can smell steak from a state away I think…good thing we bought extras.

Meanwhile, I totally ate half the ice cream.

sad animated GIF


Well there weren’t tears. But I did eat half the ice cream. I am absolutely not kidding about that. Sorry Babe.


We were headed out to go hiking today but Sean wasn’t feeling great so I opted to not torture him. We ended up staying home and … yes…watching movies.

Anyone else get totally and completely sucked into the movies that come up on the television?  Sean will tell me … uh…you know we own this.
Yes, I know that. But it was already on television! can watch it commercial free.

But I don’t have the patience to do that. Nope. nope.nope.

I know I’ve mentioned Philomena before but I cannot recommend it enough if you haven’t seen it.

Every time I watch it I’m again moved to tears by the force of a mother’s love and the connection between a parent and a child. It’s such a beautiful movie.

I ordered the book and I cannot wait to read it.


I was commenting on a blog today (Ali on the Run) and the blogger is a new bride-to-be. I mentioned that my very simple wedding included a cake my mom made and it was Duncan Hines Cherry Chip cake mix.  So SO good.

We try and make it every year for our anniversary.

As I mentioned it on the blog it dawned on me…I can’t have it anymore.

I usually don’t get truly sad by things I can’t have anymore as the list can be long…

And then…I remembered that.


I’m a little sad.

This is our 29th year married.

Maybe I can find a gluten free alternative.

It won’t be the same though.

sad animated GIF


I did get my yoga done and even though I’ve been doing it pretty much daily for a few weeks now, it’s still pretty freakin’ tough. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength or abs for sure. But after two weeks of steadily working it I can say I’ve gotten SO much stronger.  I felt like I should do it twice (or just finish the whole DVD, duh, creature of habit am I ).  It felt really good to work it so completely and actually feel like I’m getting somewhere. Tomorrow I want to see if I can do it twice or complete more of it.

Sean and I are planning to go hiking tomorrow OR a hop up to Shrine of Cabrini. I’m supposed to go see my friend, though, and she takes priority.


Yoga quotes

Yes, this is still my little running blog. But until I’m comfortably healed we’re going to be a running, hiking, yoga blog.


Yoga on…freely…

6 Replies to “Sorry about the ice cream. But are you really that surprised?”

    1. Yoga (very basic ~I don’t know what I’m doing but that’s okay I’ll take it anyway~ yoga) is saving me right now.

      He just got on me last night about the yoga. Dude. You were warned. On the blog. AND with a note ON the ice cream. What do you want?? Not to mention you have joy in your life in the form of gluten, caffeine and chocolate. Geez. Where if your compassion…


      1. Haha so true! Men should never get between a woman and her dessert, it’s not gonna end well 😉 I’ve been doing yoga for ages and I still feel like a beginner, hope that is reassuring 🙂 plus I am completely not flexible so I look pretty silly, good times 🙂

        1. ohhh. That IS reassuring. But no really. I’m very very much a beginner and just trying to keep myself running. Every time I get injured I remind myself…uh…this is why you don’t stop yoga. Duh.

  1. Oh man. Now I want ice cream.

    And I’m hoping you can find a gluten free alternative for the cake! But I admit that I’d be really sad in your shoes, too 🙁

    1. Yeah, I ‘m kind of sad. Shaughnessy swears we can find a gluten free version but the only one I’ve found so far is so not anything close so I’m not really into it. I’m still looking though. It won’t be the end of the world of course…

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