Two years just fly by…sort of. And hey…don’t blink.

I’ve been writing for two years.

Feels like five.

I still like it.


A migraine decided to camp out last night so there was no post.

pain animated GIF

Wouldn’t you think I’d have emergency posts written for just this occasion?

Nope. I’m just not that good.

I keep thinking I’m going to GET that good but clearly I’m not that blogger.

You get me…

Average blogger.  Sigh.


Last week I had my eyes checked for my annual ~once every three years because it costs $120 and you have other things to pay for~ eye exam.  We finally agreed to tear duct plugs because I officially have the driest eyes on the planet.  Yes. That’s what they told me.

So they put these tiiiiny little plugs in and guess what…

yep. one of them started to come out and felt like it was slowly going to stab me in the eye like a wayward eyelash until I called them and begged it to be removed.

They fit me in after work and took a look at it and they said…let’s just push it farther down in there. We really think you need it.

This will just pinch a little.

Big fat liars.


it will feel like a needle is stabbing you in the eye and you will jump a foot in the air even WITH the numbing creme, thereby causing the doctor to scratch your eyeball resulting in you then bursting into tears and the doctor genuinely and finally feeling really really bad for you.

And you get drugs.

Steroid drops for your eye.

antiobiotics drops for your eye.

gel drops for your eye.

hurt animated GIF

And for good measure…a few other doctors to check and see if you’re feeling better.

I made a good impression today for sure.


The thing I’ve noticed the most is my “new” ability to find a rhythm in scheduling my world again.

I so missed that.

I used to clean, laundry, errand on all scheduled days. My calendar was scheduled within an inch of it’s life.

Somewhere along the way this stopped being as easy to do and became ~do what you can each day to get by.

*thank you Celiac*

These last few weeks I’ve been able to actually schedule again. For the first time in years.

My world has slowly been creeping back to normalcy and I’m afraid to say it out loud.

I don’t want to be loved for my clean house. But I like my house clean. If anyone out there understands that.

I’m sorry to all those moms out there who post those great little posters about fingerprints sticking around  because playing with the kids is more important. I totally understand and more power to you.

I hope I did my fair share of both.

But love me for my charm. 😉

kate animated GIF


I keep trying to convince people but unfortunately..they seem skeptical. Even my husband. Hmm.


Yoga on….with gratitude. 

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