Two days without yoga makes one sad and kinda icky.

Somebody put grumpy juice in the water at my house and Sean and I want no part of it.

This morning was painful. Yikes.

So we just tiptoed around and hoped everyone just kept their grouchiness to themselves.

the muppets animated GIF


Yep…that’s about what they were like.

Good times.


My work hours have been virtually “on call” all week with each day being different.  Yesterday was an all day affair and I ended up running some work over to a co worker’s house at a late hour.

This exhausted self did not get yoga done in the morning (I got called in) and crashed mid typing in the evening (there was no way.  I was SO COLD.  I know, it was 70* and definitely no East Coast blizzard. My hypothyroid self should be ashamed. And yet….) and all of this resulted in…

no yoga. Nope.

None. For two whole days.

I am yogaless and sad.

I meant to do it this morning but ….

::insert excuse here::

hey now…that was rude.

tina fey animated GIF


Didn’t you read the part about the men I live with? They were so so grouchy.

When they get like that…I avoid them.

Well…my computer plug was downstairs. LOL

I had no power.

No power!

lord of the rings animated GIF

pain animated GIF


snk animated GIF


I might be a little out of control on the GIFs. But it’s like they were in my HEAD.

I will yoga tonight. Because I feel like a marshmallow and my achilles are making themselves known. and Ya’ll know the key to a healthy achilles is maintenance maintenance maintenance. 


These work hours are so frustrating I am OFFICIALLY going on strike RIGHT NOW>

In that OFFICIAL ~announcing it here but my boss is on maternity leave and really no one there even reads this blog so I’m probably just talkin’ big ~ way.  Ha.  Good thing I like my job.


Yoga on…running soon….do what you must. 



4 Replies to “Two days without yoga makes one sad and kinda icky.”

    1. I think it’s just like my running…I get sad. I get quieter and mopey. My kids will tell me I need a run.
      Sometimes I lose it and burst into tears. That’s SUPER helpful. 😉
      I think it’s a symptom of workout fiends. 🙂 Those of us that really like it…those darn endorphins.

    1. I swear to you that as I typed “no power” I thought….I need a Power Rangers GIF. LOL. And then it took off from there. hahaha. Not everyone truly appreciates a Power Ranger so thanks. 🙂

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