Celiac is not the end of Joy. We still get Mexican food, after all.

I live in a house with three grown men. I know I’ve told Ya’ll that.

My husband, Sean.

My two sons, Alex Michael (he’s 24) and Montana (he’s 18 in like…24 hours).

These guys love their gluten.

They are incredibly, unbelievably, supremely supportive of my Celiac diagnosis.

And living here…they are affected daily by this situation. Nevertheless, I hear this sort of thing a lot….

  • I love gluten…I could never give it up~

  • If I was diagnosed with Celiac, I don’t think I would change anything. I’d still eat it. I love gluten too much~

  • gluten is delicious. I don’t know how you do it~

You get the drift…
Well,  here’s how I do it.

1.  I personally think it helps that I’ve had Chronic Migraines.  Because it means I know how to live without and be okay with that.

2.  I also have Hypothyroidism (incredibly common with people with Celiac…they go very much hand in hand).  Again, many food issues.  So I it’s important to watch your nutrition.

and the most important of all…

3.  Attitude.  I live without caffeine, chocolate and alcohol… but really, I don’t even notice those things.  I’ve been without them for so long.  So just one more situation of nutrition adjustment is not a real surprise, it’s just like I said. An adjustment. You can get the diagnosis and curl up in a ball …

movie animated GIF

or you can start your research into how you can make this fit into your life with ease and simplicity, causing as little disruption to your family as possible. Attitude is everything. Your attitude will affect everyone around you.  Make the change a positive one. 

On a side note: I don’t actually love to cook, but I CAN cook and I think I’m pretty decent at it.  I had at one time planned on throwing some recipes on here and never got it done. I’m feeling pretty good now and may actually pull this off.

I made enchiladas last night and did not get any photos or anything. But I will try and start this week, because I am pretty good at throwing a fast gluten free meal together that I think makes everyone happy.


My sister Catherine is addicted to Pinterest.

She sent me this:

I've been hiding from exercise. I'm in the fitness protection program.

Everybody should have a Catherine in their life.

I died laughing when I read that…

Anyone else notice Mother Teresa has a sister, Catherine. No…you can’t make this up. No, my mom didn’t do that on purpose. I know this because there’s a Jeanette, too.  🙂

love actually animated GIF


I did Yoga tonight and OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT>

I bought a new DVD a few weeks ago.  I picked up Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method- Yoga for the Warrior

I tried to link this and it didn’t like me. But it’s a great little youtube video to give you and idea.

I will try and review this tomorrow but a mini review this is as follows:

I love this DVD so much.

It’s 63 minutes. I started it late so I only did it for like….35 minutes or so but it was addictive and I wanted to go on.

It’s a great fun yoga workout and my legs feel it. SO awesome.

Yes, yes it is.

Yoga on…

10 Replies to “Celiac is not the end of Joy. We still get Mexican food, after all.”

    1. It was hilarious. I laughed so hard. And then I made my co workers enjoy it, whether they liked it or not.

    1. It’s actually the only way to make it gluten free. Okay, I lied. They have gluten free flour tortillas but they’re like $12,000 for 6 tortillas and they don’t look very good. So I don’t feel like risking it. Rather judgmental of me, I know. But yep…I only eat corn tortillas now. SO good.

    1. Oh man, if feeling awful led me to a bad attitude I’d be a constant grouch! Attitude is definitely important! Thanks!
      I really loved this DVD. It’s kind of ridiculous how much. I’m a Bob Harper fan, too~
      I hope your back feels better!

  1. YAY for yoga! And what a great attitude 🙂 I need to get myself better about really being firm in what I can and can’t have with my own health problems. So I really appreciate you saying all this <3

    1. Oh I’m just so bossy about it. I just cannot take a risk. It’s not worth it…
      Plus, I figure if I’m incredibly diligent then the doctors have no recourse then to hear me if I say I’m having symptoms. 🙂

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