It’s a beautiful day.

Some days are just going to be better than others.

No getting around that, right?

Lofty goals of yoga for an hour  followed by quality time with your husband and kids. Then you end the day with some quiet meditation and reading after creating a meal a chef would be proud of.

We have to be accepting that some days we are going to not make it through the whole yoga class and there will be no run. The kids went to their corners…you not only didn’t get any reading, quiet meditation or a blog post done but you also didn’t make dinner.

It’s okay, they’re grown adults. They can produce their own dinner at this point but I think I have a chip implanted in me that creates a heavy layer of guilt if I don’t do it the June Cleaver way*.

*For those of you far far far too young to know June Cleaver, it’s okay.  She was before my time, too. She was on Leave it to Beaver (early ’60’s) and was the perfect mom. Pretty and smart and always there and always had cookies, she cleaned and she wore pearls and her husband and kids adored her and really, she was just the best mom. 

I get it. My chip is … um… faulty.  Working with a faulty chip somehow doesn’t completely disturb me and I work within it’s parameters. I’m able to recognize when I’m being unreasonable and not stretch beyond that. There are days, though, when I set my head to the pillow at the end of an exhausted day and am left with the feeling of what did I accomplish today?

And if it wasn’t anything tangible…did I make my family better? Did I not make my family worse?  Some days, life has so much pressure.

And some days, life is really all about just hanging out and watching Friends.

friends animated GIF

This wasn’t a bad day. This was a great day with family and breakfast and birthday cake and lots and lots of laughing.

But I didn’t get anything productive done.

I’m totally okay with that.

My OCD struggles with it. So I have to say it “out loud”.

Hmm. I must be onto something. This was the first thing on my page when I opened Pinterest.

Guilt and anxiety


Have a beautiful day!


Run on…

4 Replies to “It’s a beautiful day.”

    1. I figure the universe put the quote in front of me for the two of us today, right? We must need it. ha. It’s been yelling at us and we can’t seem to get it together. 🙂

    1. Thanks~ It seemed to come at just the right moment for quite a few of us! Providence I suppose! I’ll take it.

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