Light bulbs and coaching advice. Worth the money just for the smile.

There’s a long story here and you don’t need to know the whole thing.

Suffice it to say, I’ve slowly run out of light bulbs in my living room light fixture, it takes five light bulbs. Every light bulb in it has slowly burned out and every replacement bulb I buy (though they used to work) no longer work and the result is a room that is getting darker and darker with each passing week making me slowly and crazier as the days roll on.

crazy animated GIF

After much insanity (clearly just caused by light bulbs…) I headed to Ace Hardware for the third time  (light bulbs are hard, don’t judge) armed with a light bulb and a  determination to get lit.


Hey now. It should happen at least once in my life.

The gentleman who helped me was very gracious as he listened to my story, found me the right light bulbs, insisted they were fabulous and would last me 22 years (good Lord you don’t actually believe that line, do you?) and then asked…

“do you run?”


I wear a necklace I bought out of the back of Runner’s World  probably oh…eight years ago? >doing the math<

It’s a little runner girl.

this necklace gets a lot of attention.  I wear it pretty much 24/7 and virtually have since I got it mostly out of the sheer love of running and not at all out of a lack of style. LOL

The man that helped me…my new friend Gabe, an older gentleman, clearly a runner, apparently used to be a running coach. spent the next 15 minutes talking to me about running. He coached athletes of all levels and clearly knew his stuff.  He asked my times and said I could definitely meet my goals. I just needed to do a few things…

one tree hill s animated GIF

Then he gave me tips!

A little free coaching advice right there. And he was super positive and nice about it.

movie animated GIF

More mileage.

Less speedwork.

More hills.

Longer long runs.

So…running the dog for two miles in the morning won’t do it, huh?

I don’t know why not, the dog seems pretty tired.

This is not a lot of new information but it was really great to talk to someone with a LOT of running and coaching experience. He definitely knew what he was talking about. Oh the questions he asked me…

Best errand ever.

I loved it and I’m pretty sure I need some duct tape. I should stop at Ace Hardware today.


Yoga in the morning…

Short two mile run at midnight….on the treadmill of course.

No Achilles pain this morning. 🙂

true love

Run on…it’s that week of true love.  Mine is Sean and running. Oh yeah…my kids are good, too. 🙂

6 Replies to “Light bulbs and coaching advice. Worth the money just for the smile.”

    1. ha. Here’s the kicker. I was so frustrated about the light bulbs I had asked Sean to do it. Something I never do. And he’s been so busy, I did it myself but wasn’t very thrilled. Divine intervention? I saw the light? LOL OH the jokes…

    1. It totally was! Completely random, too. Go figure.
      And yes..I almost didn’t want to get out of bed this morning for fear of what my feet would say to me. Thank the Lord they said they still love me.

    1. Don’t judge me but I don’t! I went to school for photography and I try not to tell people that. Because everyone is a photographer now. Or as my favorite photographer says, “every soccer mom is a photographer because she took a few good pictures”. So the minute someone finds out you run, they know everything about running.
      I am anti social!! I know…hard to believe.
      As for light bulbs, usually it’s not a problem but this time, man. I needed remedial light bulb help. It was sad.

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