I survived :)

I had my Botox appt yesterday morning.

For anyone stopping in I just want to clarify I had Botox in my head to prevent Chronic Migraines.

It was 30 shots all over my head to include my forehead and my shoulders.

There is…unfortunately…a cosmetic effect in the forehead.

Yeah…I’m thrilled. ::sarcasm::

I don’t really want that cosmetic effect. And I don’t need to be a Real Housewife  ::shudder::

RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

But I definitely want the migraines gone. So I do what I have to.

He told me (full disclosure he’s very GQ) he thinks I’ll learn to really like the cosmetic effect. Most people do.

I asked if he wants to put money on that.

He did. But changed his mind. I think there was an ethical question in there? ha.

So more about the experience.

I had 30 shots that started in my forehead, went up to my head, around to the back of my head and then to my shoulders.

They did hurt. Yep.

The needles hurt, they were tiny incredibly sharp needles and then the Botox burns.

It’s just for a second or two and then he’s done but it was enough.  I had to pause. I do have that “passing out” glitch. So we paused to prevent that and I got nauseous. I asked him if anyone ever throws up and he said I’d be the first.

Well I didn’t want THAT reputation so…I worked hard to hold it in.

sick animated GIF

At one point he brought me the trash can. I laughed.

Sean said if anyone would throw up, it would be me. This is a skill I seem to have mastered. Whoo hoo. go me.

I guess everyone has to be good at something, right?

My appt was at 10 and I was driving to work at 10:30.  It was very fast.

I had little bumps all over from the Botox but they had mostly worked their way out by the time I got to work . There are still a few spots on my head (behind my ear and on the back of my head) where he must have hit a blood vessel and it caused a bruise. He says they try to avoid that but sometimes it just happens. So today it’s still bumpy and hurts like a son of a gun but I figure I’m used to hitting my head and having bumps and bruises so what’s new with that?

It’s supposed to start working in the next two weeks and it can take up to two treatments to see if it does me any good.

Meanwhile I continue on my meds.

Let me know if you have any questions but so far I’m optimistic


this beautiful prayer, written by James Dillet Freeman, shared with the world by Robin Roberts....will be praying w her, and for her

Run on…

8 Replies to “I survived :)”

  1. Good luck. No questions. I couldn’t have done it. The idea of so many needles makes me ill just thinking about it.

    I so hope this works for you and your migraines go away.

    1. Thanks Diane. I was a little nervous but it actually felt like I thought it would. And once I figured out how to breathe it got much easier. 10 minutes of discomfort versus days and days of unending pain. I cannot tell you how worth it the trade off is if it works.

  2. If it works, you will have your life back. No more huddling in pain and time spent in misery. I’m excited for you and hopeful for you!!

    1. Me, too! My shoulder is already mostly numb. I’m loving that. I think my head is creeping there. It’s a little weird. LOL

    1. My shoulders got six of the thirty shots! I had no idea but my right shoulder has a lot of pain when I have a migraine. It runs all down my right side and he said it was very common. Weird right?

    1. Not bad. My shoulders hurt really bad, like I tried to lift a car. But I don’t think it’s muscle, I think it’s bruised underneath so I have to wait it out each day. Every day it gets a smidge better.

      I still have my migraines. I’m waiting to see…

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