Ever have that totally undefinable day?

That was yesterday.

I think it really started this weekend, when I had really beautiful amazing moments of highs.

Which were then balanced by some normal life moments of lows.

You know…to keep you on your toes.

Then Monday happened.

And I just couldn’t get my schedule right.

Nothing I said seemed to be right.

And I felt completely clumsy in life.

I had bad dreams.

and I just overall carried a bad feeling of unhappy with me.

Then I got my appt to fix my migraines. And really…after years and years and years of pain….

it really felt like maybe God had a hand in helping me out there.

And I finally (finally!) got my blood test yesterday….

It took two hours, three people and I was able to help someone else (again…maybe God had a hand in helping me there?), but I got it done.

I received  two three gushing compliments on my  short hair. Random but appreciated. 

So there was plenty of bad.

And a good healthy splash of good.

And I guess it balanced out to leave me feeling a bit…


Here it is the morning and it snowed…I’m embarrassed to call it snow, mostly just a dusting. But enough to keep it cold this morning and the ground with a think sheet of ice.


photo credit (not this morning….just a photo of Colorado)

Bad dreams again. I must have worries in my head. Or stresses nudging at me. Life trying to keep unpleasantness at the forefront.

I’m sure the feeling will pass. We all have these days where things really don’t actually go wrong but maybe the planets are out of alignment or Mercury is in retrograde. My mom always says that.  But if it could pass quickly please, that would be great.

It is unpleasant and sad.


It’s a beautiful morning this morning. Denver got a little dusting of snow with a light sheet of ice under it….that just adds a fun little touch of adventure to each step. But the longer I make this post, the warmer Denver gets, the more the ice melts. ::stilltyping::

Off to run.

I just need to.

Have a lovely heartfelt beautiful day and run on….

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  1. Your hair is lovely!!! I love the cut 🙂 hope you are getting some resolution about the migraines! I have horrible nightmares, and they can put me in a funk for days! Totally know where you’re coming from. Sounds very much like an up and down kind of day, very unbalancing!

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