Foam Rolling…the bad that feels so good.

I won’t make this 14 paragraphs about Celiac BUT~

I have been  itching  for days and I’m going slowly crazy.

scream animated GIF

#1 symptom when I get glutened is itching.

Followed by the obvious stomach issues and a migraine.

Most of that has passed and now I’m just itchy. I need to stop at the store on the way to work and get allergy meds because scratching myself like this while at work is highly inappropriate.


I did three miles on the treadmill last night.  My legs have been super sore and I’m trying to see what makes the Achilles happy.  This seemed to please them. This morning they are far less sore then they have been.

When Sean and I were in Boulder we picked up a new foam roller…

Not this one:


I’m not REALLY crazy.

No, I met the crazy in the middle. I chose this one:

GRID 2.0


Still bumpy. Still way painful.

Using a foam roller is tricky but if you do it right you’ve basically given yourself a massage and your body (your sore tired running legs) are pretty much happier for it.  Great for recovery and great for warming up your muscles before a run, too. I’ve been doing both. I usually follow a video like the following from Runner’s World to do it properly.  If you search Youtube you’ll find there’s many different videos on there you can choose from. This is just the one I grab when I’m in a hurry and I’m looking for a reminder.

Runner’s World Prep your muscles to Perform Their Best

If you’ve never foam rolled before you should know that it hurts.

pain animated GIF


But if you start out slow  you will definitely get stronger at it and anything you do is better than nothing.  Just remind yourself how good it is for you, like a deep tissue massage.

sad animated GIF

Just keep telling yourself that.



 Run on…

4 Replies to “Foam Rolling…the bad that feels so good.”

  1. Hope that itchiness continues to die down! Eek! Thanks so much for the foam roller video, I have just started doing this since I bought my own and I was a teensy bit overwhelmed with all the stuff on the internet about it! You have narrowed it down for me big time 🙂

    1. Yeah, sensory overload. I get that a lot with internet information!

      The itching is better for now. ThankthegoodLord. And yes..I did pray.

    1. My achilles won’t let me forget. I just have to do it at least twice a week or it yells at me good and loud. Have you SEEN the mean one? SO so mean.

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