Ash Wednesday…it snuck up on me. Christmas is around the corner.

It’s Ash Wednesday and I really wanted to go to church today but I made plans with Andrea forgetting it was Ash Wednesday. I haven’t seen her in months (that’s how crazy our schedules are) and I really want to get her Christmas and birthday presents out of my house so I’m going to meet her for sure. That was said with love, I promise.

This does lead to the next question though…do you do anything for Lent?

Give something up?  The usual chocolate, sugar, caffeine, soda?

Take something on? the newest trend…random acts of kindness, daily prayers for people, volunteer once a week/month/year?

Or do you just admire it from afar because you don’t do Ash Wednesday~ That’s okay, too.

I haven’t given it two seconds thought. I’m terrible, I know. So today I’m going to focus on that if I can.

I don’t always do anything. My mother frequently reminds me I’m a heathen. But she does it with love and laughter so I forgive her.


I am super late to work so I’m going to make this short and sweet! 


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