We are gettin’ the snow Ya’ll.

It’s Friday.

We are about to get MASSIVE snow.



I am prepared.

Grocery shopping done.

We are going to hibernate in the house for the weekend.

I have one more stop to make after work and then we’re good.

We’re out of cheese.

excited animated GIF


Alex  can’t live without cheese. His world may end.

So I’ll be stopping at the store for that. Then I’m good.


Sean and I have a strict policy when we leave hotel rooms.

Crawl around on the floor. Look under everything.

Look in closets and drawers.

Under beds and chairs.

cracks and crevices.

This is a great policy and we’ve never left anything behind except MT’s pillow.

In our defense, it had a white pillow case and matched the bed and hello…it was MT. We figured the OCD kid had that under control.

I mean, we have to shower afterwards because we’ve crawled around on hotel floors but hey, we leave with all our stuff. 

This time, however, we were in a rush to leave and my brain had shut down completely.

I totally knew it wasn’t working and even recognized I was leaving the room without my usual check.

Alas, we left  an entire bag of clothes. Ridiculous.

At least it wasn’t just me.  Sean left stuff, too.

arrested development animated GIF


I KNOW.  I am CRAZY neurotic about hotel rooms but Sean is crazy neurotic about his stuff. The man  never loses anything.

So he’s going to Boulder after work to get all our things. ::shakeshead::  That’s no embarrassing at all.

I am hoping to zip home from work and super fast go for a run.

Don’t misunderstand. My run won’t BE superfast.  I just need to get on the road as quick as I can before any really horrible weather hits.

Worst case, I’ll treadmill. Thank the good Lord for the treadmill.

Then relax in my slippers and sweaters.


I did 30 minutes of yoga yesterday morning and just a quick two and half miles on the treadmill about 11pm last night.

I feel so bad for everyone’s weather. I hope you all are staying warm and dry.

And if you are in warm climate…


It’s really in your best interest to not share the weather update. Just a healthy suggestion.


Run on…





6 Replies to “We are gettin’ the snow Ya’ll.”

    1. Ha! You know we’re from Montana so I’m not afraid of snow. I’ve seen some incredible snow and I’ll just get in the car. I mean, every vehicle I own is four wheel drive. But I do get super cold really easy. Sean says I’m a freak of nature. 😉 We love Boulder SO MUCH. I’m jealous he’s going to drive there today. It’s so pretty. Not jealous he has to go in and get our stuff but the drive, yes. LOL

  1. That’s crazy about the stuff left in the hotel. I totally feel you on that one, I just realized I lost a flash drive with some very important things on it. And I literally have no idea where it could possibly be (I checked all the places I know I’d put it. Now that just leave, well, everywhere else in the house, the cars, etc… Ugh.)

    Also – the weather. I love my mother in law, but she’s currently visiting CA and texted me a picture from the beach and a picture of my father in law and nephews eating ice cream on the pier. So, so jealous!!

    1. Sean made it back with everything safely in the bag. I’m relieved but I have no idea who that person was that did that! So weird! Your flash drive is absolutely there. You just put it somewhere random maybe the last time you used it. You’re too organized. I’m certain it’s there. I tell my kids to stop looking and give it a rest. It’ll show up.

      As for your mother in law…Ugh. That’s just not cool… 😉

  2. Hahaha uh oh if you look at my blog you’re definitely going to punch me in the face… ! So annoying about the bag of clothes!! I left my handbag under a hotel bed in Malaysia one time and they sent it to me within the week with all my money still there! So amazing! Hope you get yours back ok 🙂

    1. Yeah….I read your blog this morning. LOL. I’m still recovering. I may decide to like you again but I’ll decide sometime next week when Denver is feeling the warmer temps.

      That’s very cool about the hotel in Malaysia sending you your handbag, still intact. I’m also jealous you went to Malaysia. Very cool.

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