Get your zen on…

Wondered where I’ve been?

I’ve been painting.  That usually takes any extra time from my life for a awhile. And in this case…well…I’m going to definitely juggle things. This is a big project.

I spent the weekend prepping the house.

I LOVE paint. It gives a home a completely new look for very little cost.

or in my case…a lot of cost because I have a lot to paint.

This is what happens when I get a wild hair to change things.

It’s been far too long, we were long overdue for a fix up into a new year.

I spent a lot of time on Houzz looking for good ideas and great paint colors.  In the end I think it definitely helped but I have to go onto the site with my eyes wide open.  I can easily get overwhelmed AND disheartened.  Who lives in these homes?

funny animated GIF

Sunday I painted most of the day but ended early enough to throw one little mile on the treadmill. 🙂

Monday came and hit me like a brick wall.

bad day animated GIF

It was just a really hard day and at the end of the day I got practically nothing done and held mostly nothing in.

That would be a Celiac thing for me.  When I accidentally ingest gluten, my stomach rebels for a little while and I’m still dealing with it from our Boulder weekend.

So I threw everything to the side and decided painting would be my zen.  I also called it exercise.

Does that count?  I’m making it count.

also…I have a pretty great husband. But I won’t brag. Anymore. Today.

Today my plan is little meals all day to see if my stomach can start to like me again.

Then I will try and finish the kitchen tonight and hopefully run to the gym for a little elliptical.

And maybe just reset my  brain for joy.

joy animated GIF


I did watch most of the Oscars, by the way…did you?

I LOVE Neil Patrick Harris and still thought…Dude.  Must be a lot of pressure because you do not seem relaxed. Even in your underwear.

However, the after party resulted in THIS:

And now I (the photographer in me) am very very happy.

Thank you Mark Seliger.


Oh…one more thing before I leave you with some zen for the day.

Gluten Dude, who is not my favorite person but he is a wealth of information and he’s coming from a good place,  is an incredible resource for Celiacs and gluten sensitivity patients.  He posted a ridiculous poem today on his blog/Pinterest/FB that basically said…~hey check this out.  I feel BETTER on Probiotics and Vitamin B-Complex~.  It’s hard to discuss bodily functions. It just really is. But when there are no resources for it, you really are grateful to find anything. So I guess we’ll take the ridiculous poem if that’s the way to get the info.

And anyone with these issues…it’s worth the try for sure.  Stop at the drugstore.


"Beauty is a light in the heart" ~ Kahlil Gibran #yoga

Get your zen on…yoga today. 

Health and happiness to you…and of course…joy~

6 Replies to “Get your zen on…”

    1. Oh my gosh, I know, right? So beautiful. And Lady Gaga. Wow. WOW.
      I loved them all.
      Thanks! Me, too. 🙂

  1. So exciting that you’re painting your house! There is something so satisfying about that right? Hard work though for sure! I LOVE minions. You are speaking to my heart 🙂 hope you’re feeling better soon!

    1. Yes! I love it. It’s a very “clean” feeling to paint. I’m so glad it’s getting done. 🙂 And I’m cleaning, too, so spring is good ahead of time. LOL

  2. I’ve had some fun looking around on Houzz for some work I’m doing for my parents 🙂 (They do marketing for remodeling companies).

    I take probiotics and B vitamins. I can’t say if they really help, but hopefully it doesn’t hurt. My gut is such a mess that I’ve just been trying everything 😛

    1. Yes, I remember! I really do like Houzz, though I’m still figuring it out. Sometimes I think I’m very tech illiterate and sometimes I think Houzz overdoes it. Probably the first.

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