Things I learned this week.

Gluten free cake, even without frosting, makes life better

Don’t pick up Gummi Bears off the floor when you own pets

Hot dogs cook faster when you plug the grill in

Don’t give your child your credit card to rent a Redbox even if he swears he’ll turn them in the next day.  ~The road to hell and all that…~

I am the only person at my job who knows the alphabet

If you get a bank alert that you changed something on your online account, and you may want to call the bank…don’t call the bank right away.  First call each person you are on an account with. RE: each of your children. Money says they did it (yes, it was 2am, teenagers don’t sleep) and you’ll just end up a little embarrassed if you go with the bank first.

Though I really already knew this, it will take 472 trips to the hardware store to finish a project, any project ~big or small~ that you are working on in your house.


My friend called me to tell me how sad she was that her friend’s mom died and she was only 47 years old. That’s how old she and I are. She said, “don’t you feel old now?”


I feel sad now. That her mom died so young. What a tragic loss.

People ask me all the time
“don’t you feel old”

No. Guess I should.



As I drove to work yesterday morning these thoughts went through my head:


is it really possible to hit every light?

the cold. it’s so cold.

I miss church. I wish I had gone more often.

I wish I had a radio.

I wish my car was clean

It’s so interesting to watch the world in their everydayness. 

Must go to work

Must meet a friend.

Must pick up groceries.

must pay that bill.

why is my car making that noise?

And my friend stopped eating and my friend stopped drinking and my friend is going to stop breathing.

And my friend is going to stop living.

and her little family will have suffered a loss so utterly deep they will struggle to breathe

and the world will keep turning.

and people will still run their errands.

and go to work

and pick up groceries.

and pay their bills.

and I’ll be forever and completely a different person and no one will know.

they’ll be lovely and pass on sympathy when they hear of the funeral

I’m so sorry for your loss.

how did she die?

so awful

and so young..

nothing wrong with these things. at all…

except clearly no one is in any way able to x ray  into my soul and see

that somehow my organs must be different

my bones

my tissue. the makeup that generally makes me who I am.

it must be different. because there is no way I can still be me. I don’t feel like me

I feel completely not me

I can tell because the change is happening already.

I don’t even know if she’s gone and it’s happening already.

I can feel it.

I am different.

and yes…in case anyone is wondering…if ever I needed a would be now.


Running quote


Run on….

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