February was hard. Maybe March will be better.

Um…when did it become March 1st?

No joke..I wasn’t looking and suddenly February was gone. 🙁

Valentine’s are over.

And it was kind of an awful month anyway.

I’m incredibly thankful for your kind words and that you stick around through all the sad.


I appreciate you guys being patient with my words as I talk about my friend.

When I’m feeling like this the words just fly out of my fingers and I type loud and fast.

I’m an angry typist. My husband is tormented. It’s in his best interest to buy me a quiet keyboard.

Shaughnessy and Adam came over yesterday with theboy so they could hang and we could have brunch.

They brought me a present of gluten free Girl Scout cookies Toffee Tastic.   They are shortbread with toffee.  I totally ate like…six…immediately. No regrets at all.

image (22)

Apparently theboy had attitude but I never saw it. He was fabulous the whole day.

Oh…except when I asked him for a kiss…then he said, “maybe later”.

Okay Dude. Maybe later.

Later came when I made myself cake. He scored two pieces.  He said it was “delicious”. Boy has style.

Because this week sucks and I wanted cake.

I found this at the grocery store:

image (21)

Hands down the best gluten free cake I’ve ever had. (see? I ate most of it already…)

Namaste Foods Gluten Free Spice Cake

I ate half of it already…

I’m not kidding. And I’m not sorry.  I started out with cream cheese frosting and then just went to eating it straight.

I told Sean I was going to eat the whole thing whether he believed me or not and he said he totally believed me.

This morning I had it for breakfast. I want to hide the rest. Instead, I’m just going to buy another one. Why? Because it’s almost gone and when I eat a little more I’ll finally be “done” with the taste.  I know myself well.

Meanwhile, It’s amazing. I highly recommend.

And I needed cake.

Don’t judge me.

Namaste Foods. 

They have a huge line of gluten free products. I bought mine at King Sooper which is a Kroger grocery store.

They also have muffins, cakes, mixes, pancakes etc. They have quick meals, pizza crusts…etc. Huge.


I am coming home from my errand running tonight and going to the gym because my body needs running even if it is on the treadmill. It needs to sweat and stretch and feel.

And yoga because everything hurts.

I look forward to it.

This isn't always a bad thing - I mean, people who feel like this usually can feel pain and give sympathy for others when they r in pain (:

Quotes about running 81


Run on…

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  1. Thanks Jessica 🙂 It was delicious. I’ll be running it off for weeks. Totally worth it.
    I’m just incredibly busy and full of brain fog so I can’t seem to make words come out.

    1. For sure. I think this has been a rough year so far for a lot of people. I hope it perks up a bit.

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