Judged and I’m totally okay with that.

So my hair grows at an alarming rate. It always has but the crazy supplements I’m on I’m sure don’t help.

I know you’re thinking…this is a bad thing?

Well, it kind of is when you have super short hair and you drive to Colorado Springs to get haircuts.

We set it for 7 weeks apart and my “wings” meant I really wanted to fix my wings before the funeral.

I don’t know why.  I realize that makes no sense, but humor me.

I clearly have no other control in my life, I can control that.

So I drove to the Springs to get a haircut~ it was such a blissful hour of silence I enjoyed every minute with a bonus.

I got to spend an hour or so with Miss Anna.

AND I got to meet her beautiful little girls who are…ugh…so sweet. Like little sugar cookies.

Two and four years old…full of bounce and curls and bouncing curls.


Little & Fierce Art Print by Cat Coquillette | Society6




When I got home I walked in the door and pulled out the feeble remains of the frosting from the cake.

Yes, it was that day and what do I care? I’m 47 years old and I like frosting. As I ate the last three or four scoops and talked to Sean he looked at me, incredulous (29 years…how could he not know me by now) he said, “really?” in that…total ~I’m completely judging you~ tone.

Yep. really. Judge away Dude.

friends animated GIF

A.I know I’m not the only person to eat frosting out of the tub.

B. It is so not the first time.

C. My week is hard and I’m allowing this.

Oh! My favorite… LOL…He asked me, “don’t you even want to PUT that on something?”

Yes, yes I would. What would you suggest?

As my Celiac self doesn’t actually have anything in the cupboard currently…my resources are limited.

So there you go.

sherlock animated GIF

My poor husband had no idea what he was getting into when he looked at me and said, “really?”

It’s okay. I still like him.

He may not like ME anymore.

But he’ll stick around.



Yesterday I had an encounter that reminded me of the common situations women run into.

You know, that moment when someone says something to you and you have two directions you can go…

did she mean THAT?

Or did she mean this?

I have always had a hard and fast rule…

My instincts have always been to go with the good.  I’m a sucker for the kind and good. 

I’m always astounded to think someone would purposely says something mean or harsh to me so that’s not my first instinct.

I get it. You would think that’s naive. I prefer to think it’s selective.

I’m weeding out the mean.

So if I have two roads to choose….I will always choose the kinder choice. 

This goes with The Golden Rule and Reciprocity.

Now…let me say this. If I have been vague enough that I am leaving someone two choices, that’s too bad. I maybe should have been clearer.  But I really think in this day and age, women are too hard on each other. We need to stop taking things apart. Why in God’s name would I ever be mean to someone I’ve never met?

I wouldn’t.

Wouldn’t happen.

Why would I ever be mean to someone I know well?

I wouldn’t.

Wouldn’t happen.

Mean people suck.

So. On that note…

Be kind today. And if you’re given two roads…take the kind one…your heart will thank you.

You will be joyful.



It’s The Little Things:

As I was typing I had the Today Show on in the background. A skater came on to do a program and he skated to this song. It was so beautiful.  It played to my heart this morning.

Run on … 


8 Replies to “Judged and I’m totally okay with that.”

  1. Amen to your thoughts on kindness. Seriously.

    And, about the frosting, goodness we have so much in common sometimes. 🙂

  2. Ha. I was so confident when I wrote that. I have no doubt women everywhere have eaten frosting out of the tub. It’s delicious.

    1. Oh I don’t mind the questions…but don’t act like I’m the only person to ever do this, Dude. I mean, Come ON.

    1. I take expensive little supplements from the vitamin store that have really good reputations. Lots of reading to make sure I’m not taking houseplants. LOL
      I take a multi vitamin (I’m notoriously vitamin D deficient, it’s a Celiac thing), I take LOTS of Fish Oil and I take Magnesium. I figure one of those or all of those are working together because my hair already grows fast but Anna is like…what are you TAKING? Your hair is crazy LONG! Yep. And strong fingernails. Gotta love it.

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