I love to run! I really do. I swear it.

I ran before the funeral on Saturday. A quick three and a half miles.

It was kinda rough

I ran on Sunday with Miss Shaughnessy…

a  quick 3 miles…

It was kinda rough

If I’m going to be really honest…

It wasn’t even very quick.

I was coming off of some very serious migraine hangover issues

I was NOT feeling well.

I walked a lot.

So really it was more of a walk/run.

disappointed animated GIF

She was patient and I was grateful.

I’m pretty sore and generally feeling overall in pain.

Is this what they mean when people complain of feeling old?

new girl animated GIF

I’ll be 87 years old and I won’t claim old. LOL

I did a quick 20 minutes of yoga this morning. I thought it would help ease the pain.

I’ve been drinking a ton of water but definitely not eating as well as I wanted to.

Today I’m going to make sure I actually eat three times at least.

Imagine that.


I told some friends I would do a race with them in Pittsburgh. This was several months ago.

So even though I’m super short on time work wise AND running wise, I’m going to try and get out there and do it.

It’s going to be the world’s quickest trip… ::IlovemyjobIlovemyjobIlovemyjob::

but it should be fun.

Ha. Hmm…

Guess I should step it up, huh?? ::wink::

Few words of inspiration can help her win!

Run on…


6 Replies to “I love to run! I really do. I swear it.”

  1. I love you,and I totally support you as a runner. But i gotta admit,you lose me at dry heaves. Nothing is worth that to me. Nada. But i love the run on in every other way!lol

    1. Ha. In all fairness I have dry heaves far more often when I’m not running then when I am! LOL.

    1. Probably true. I know I need to recognize that for sure. I really need to recognize the time I didn’t run or yoga or anything out of grief and build myself up again. That week or two is hard on my body.

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