Well, hell. The damage is done. They’re grown and I can’t undo…

*For the record I have great kids and wouldn’t change a thing about them*

Mom moment…

I am not mom of the year.  

I KNOW. I was shocked to find out, too.

I had cleared a spot on the mantel for my award. Sigh.

It’s okay. I would have had to dust it.

I apparently give my opinion too much and too obnoxiously.

Not always. I think sometimes I’m okay with keeping it to myself.

But sometimes I let it out when I feel like something is definitely wrong in the kid universe.

I think that’s not only ok to do, but isn’t that our jobs?

It’s not our job as parents to order them to do something. But I think it’s our job to say… this is really not ok. I hope you recognize that and are doing something to change your universe. And please know that I am watching and if you need me, I’m here. I’m not going about my world oblivious to you and yours. 

This can be misinterpreted as being too opinionated and too involved.

Parenting is hard.

WIGS animated GIF

I think it’s important to be active in the job.

I spent most of my life specializing.

And hoping I didn’t screw it up.

Looks okay so far but oh man I could fill a few notebooks with the things I wish I did, wish I didn’t do, wish I’d said, wish I hadn’t said…you get the drift.

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I don’t know a single mom who doesn’t have regrets and who doesn’t wish they’d made different choices.

Gotta just suck it up and hope in the end your kid understands you did the best you could with what you had at the time and that they know you love them madly.



Colorado has been amazingly beautiful today and promises to be this week, too.

I’m excited to get out and run.

I did my yoga this morning which was perfect. I’m hoping a few more days of that and I’ll start to feel strong again.

Maybe some hiking this weekend.

I did hear rumors of snow but I’m ignoring them.

Run on…

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    1. Well, I guess I hope so cause like I said..they’re kind of done. At the point they are at I can’t really undo it.

      It’s SO BEAUTIFUL today. Spring is heading for all of us.

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