Can we get a moment of silence for Purple Pete?

I may be switching my world around. The jury is still out.

I managed to get a short little two mile run in BEFORE work yesterday.

I KNOW>  Crazy, right?

My puppy was happy, too. He walked around with a big puppy smile on his face.

I got off work and thought I would throw a longer run out but instead I came home and worked on some home tasks that were begging to be finished.

They did not get done.

But they got worked on…does that count?

I ended up with a surprise migraine and headed to bed before it made me super drug.

I feel much better today.


‘Cheater’ graffiti arson case: Likes on wife’s Facebook page led to cheating accusations, police say

Now why is this case important?

Is it because this guy went nuts and blew his own house up?

Is it because it’s possible he is a tad unstable?

Is it because he had stellar evidence to prove his wife was cheating?


No Sir.

These are the charges against him:

He’s being held on investigation of first-degree arson, five counts of reckless endangerment, prohibited use of weapons, cruelty to animals and criminal mischief, jail records show.

The heinous charges brought against this murdering fiend (that’s right….murdering fiend) are due to the senseless act of murder against….

Purple Pete.


That’s right folks.  He’s being charged with cruelty to animals for the murder of Purple Pete who died in the explosion.

God bless the District Attorney who I can only imagine said something like  ~charge him with anything you can think of….fish died? Cruelty to animals~



Sorry to all the fish lovers.

Including my mom.

It’s okay Mom. He went fast, I’m sure.


Run on…

2 Replies to “Can we get a moment of silence for Purple Pete?”

  1. Uh. Wow. That’s crazy.

    And glad you’re feeling better today and that you got a run with the puppy in!! I took mine out for his first run in WEEKS and he was a happy boy.

    1. Two mornings of really bad news (Marine/Army soldiers that died in Florida) and today the police officers shot in Ferguson…this was the news I needed to make me laugh….no offense Pete.
      I had to read it twice…
      a what? a fish?
      love it. More power to Nemo

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