Hey now…I managed to run and not pass out. Progress. :)

Can I just tell you how happy the story of Purple Pete made me?

Not that he died ::momentofsilence::

But just how freaking hilarious the whole situation was.

It doesn’t take much to entertain me I guess.  At least he’s getting some justice. 😉

Sorry. I cannot seem to control my ridiculous Nemo jokes.


My leftover migraine was very minor and I would consider it nearly gone so yay me!

I got a good 3.5 mile run in tonight and I didn’t feel exhausted and weak and worn out.

I was tired a few times but even with 18mph wind gusts I still felt pretty good. So I count it as a good run.

I am giving the credit to Purple Pete 


Hungry Runner girl asked about mantras yesterday and she ended up with some great ones.  I may have to steal some of these.

Nobody owns today. Take it.

you GET to do this

I am the master of my fate

You can do hard things 

(that last one is mine, I’ve had it for a very long time, but I’m pretty sure I jacked it from Janae).

It’s not often I actually USE a mantra. But sometimes when the moment calls for it and I just cannot take the moment any longer I will drag out the mantra to get me through the run.


I stopped at Qdoba to pick up some chips, pico and guacamole. Then I came home and sat at my computer, answered emails,  chatted with my boys and enjoyed the sunshine.

It’s the little things…



Run on…

p.s. Happy Friday the 13th…

Thought I’d let that one skip by, didn’t you?  ha. Never.

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    1. Ha. I hear that. I stick to thinking the mantra in my head as I gasp up the hill and silently curse my route choice.

    1. I like that they aren’t the usual mantras. They are a little different but they make a great point.

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