Time to get down to business. Like for reals. Oh…I’ve been sucked in…

I’ve been sucked in to the internet world. Reals.

If I ever shorten anything else just reach through the computer and slap me. You have my permission.


I am busy.

Is everyone else this busy?

working from home animated GIF

I’m also going through a period of supremely bad scheduling of my time.

Like…really really really bad.

My brain doesn’t seem to want to work properly so I’m not getting ANYTHING done.

For someone that has a lot to do…this is not good.

I must get moving.

Ha. Literally.

My friend Erin, from Make. Believe. schedules her life out throughout the day. She allots “x” amount of time for Facebook, “x” amount of time for writing, etc.

I need to do this. I just need to.

I’ve never done it before because I’m one of those people that gets a LOT done in a very short day.

And then I didn’t.

So I’m going to attempt to schedule my day a little bit.

And write things down.

What is WRONG with me.

I have had a week of stress eating.  I am not usually a stress eater but let me tell you…I’m mastering it. Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

I  just today had the worst migraine.  Stress?  I don’t know.  It was pretty bad so that would surprise me.

They’ve been really pretty good but today’s was evil.

I’m going to calendar myself now…

Yes, I made it a verb. I think it works.


I bought Kind granola.


Kind Healthy Grains and Clusters.

Can you tell me what it is about “granola” that is so freaking good?

It’s like crack.

You get hooked on it with one taste and you just can’t stop.

I could eat the whole freaking bag  and I don’t even like it that much! I think it’s just the crunch.

I made myself sick eating it today.

phone animated GIF


MT needed a baby picture for the aforementioned graduation.

I’m assuming it’s because they like to torture their students.

Unfortunately there is no torture happening here because is this not the cutest baby?


He was pretty freakin’ adorable.

I don’t know what happened.  ::shakeshead::

He’s really quite hideous now.


And because it’s bonus day…I have Shaughnessy and theboy! (full disclosure, I stole this from them)

photo credit…Adam 

Now I need Alexander. That boy is hard to get. He does not like to get his photo taken.


Listening to a podcast today, it hit on exactly the subject I’ve been worrying about.  There are messages and signs that just keep popping up telling me I am not alone and God is with me in everything I do and everything I worry about.

It’s the little things. 


our weather turned cold again (thank the LORD) which should make for a good morning run.

Have a great day.

who cares about the hour commute and how tired you are...get on that treadmill!


Run on…


9 Replies to “Time to get down to business. Like for reals. Oh…I’ve been sucked in…”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been stressed! I’ve been having a scattered kind of week myself! I really need to do that writing things down thing and plan out my time a bit more because I’m all over the place! And that won’t go down well during exam time… Eek haha

    1. yeah…my friend Erin is awesome with scheduling. She has it down. She will tell you she doesn’t but she’s like..27 and has a PhD so…I think she’s pretty cool and I choose to be like her. LOL
      Scheduling it is. do it!

      1. Don’t exaggerate… I was *28* when I got the PhD 😉 (Actually, I supposed technically 29 because even though I defended before my 29th birthday, I didn’t technically graduate until after it)

        1. Hahaha. Nice. Technically (please say in your best “I’m a snob” voice) I was 29! That’s awesome. 🙂

  2. I totally have to schedule myself and make lists if I want to be at all productive beyond the basic feed my family and keep the dishes from piling up (and even then, let’s be honest, that’s about all I can handle. And at least one meal is cereal). Anyway, because I have less balls I’m juggling than Erin (who IS awesome), these days I make myself a daily list/schedule on my kitchen white board. Works pretty well for me and I get to erase things I’ve done. I do keep a calendar so I can think ahead a little. Anyway…all that to say. Good luck and hang in there! Also, your family is beautiful. 🙂

    1. I’m SO a list maker. I have a list for everything. And it usually keeps me honest. But the past month or so I’ve been thrown for a loop. I think it’s the painting. I don’t fit that into my schedule so it screws with everything. And I have a LOT of it to do so it takes so much out of my day.
      And yes….I’m that person that will write it on the list just to cross it off. So I remember how much I got done and feel more productive. Ha.

      thank you! They ARE kind of beautiful. I like them. 🙂
      Yours is pretty good too, Missy. Oh that baby girl. ::swoon::

  3. Your family is gorgeous!

    And thanks for the shout out 🙂 Scheduling is the only way I get anything done, though it’s been very different since I started the new job (which still requires working on my own time, but not nearly to the extent that writing my dissertation did). Your post reminds me I should be a little better about my scheduling because I feel like I’m falling behind in a lot of the things that aren’t *absolutely* necessary to accomplish in any given day.

    And my goodness do I love lists…

    1. I am living vicariously through PhD Erin so don’t ever change. I love you just the way you are. 🙂 Plus, you’ll crush my organizing dreams.

      And thanks! I do think they are cute.

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