So…this just happened.

And it is SO telling of who I am, it’s ridiculous.

I was at work and popped into the back to take some Advil.

Sean and I are hard core fans of Advil Liqui-Gels so that’s what I’m used to.

I’ve had, I’m not ashamed to admit, a few Skittles this morning.


So my absentminded self just grabbed the Advil my work buys (yep, they provide me drugs, pretty awesome right there) and they are the regular little brown pills, not the capsules.

I’m off doing something else in my head and I popped those suckers into my mouth and bit right down and started chewing.

Yep. I did that.

Surprisingly, they don’t have that awful bitter taste that Aspirin does.

Still not really very fun though.

Not Skittles.

There was a hard lesson to learn.


MT just brought me a soda to my work.

That is true love right there.

He knows I will hardly drink any of it and yet he still rushed to get it to me, I am beyond grateful.  I’ve been craving carbonation.


It’s a GORGEOUS First day of Spring here…

Sorry to anyone who just got snow.


Run on…



4 Replies to “So…this just happened.”

  1. Oh man! That stinks about the advil. Yuck!

    We also had a relatively nice first day of spring. Some hail this morning. But it’s above freezing and not snowing. Considering where I live, that’s pretty crazy!

    1. So…it was like…68* here. Pretty freakin’ gorgeous. I love the rain though so I’d totally take that. You can keep the hail.

      And seriously..I laughed at the Advil. Who does that? Only me.

    1. The Advil did help. Of course I probably got more than one dose if you count the part I chewed…;)

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