When plans fall through, you can still have a great weekend.

Sean and I planned to head to Manitou Springs Incline on Saturday.  For some interesting reading…here are some yelp reviews which will totally talk you out of ever doing it.  Or if you’re sick like me….it’ll make you want to do it tomorrow.

Unfortunately,  Saturday Sean’s insomnia caught up with him and he slept for like…16 hours. LOL.

He slept in for half the morning.

Then he got up.

He got dressed.

He came downstairs and ate.

Went down to the couch.

…and fell asleep again.

And wow.

It was pretty hilarious how long he slept. But he was obviously tired so we let him sleep.

and I painted.


I know!

I painted my kitchen cabinets and they look GREAT!

I almost finished the kitchen in ONE DAY!

I’m so excited.

I still have to paint the upper cabinets but the bottoms are way more work because they have doors.

I know what you’re thinking…

what animated GIF


You don’t have doors on your upper cabinets?

what animated GIF

We took them off years ago and we love it.

Periodically I ask Sean if he still likes it that way and he says ~yep. Best thing we ever did.

I do keep the cabinets pretty neat.

I don’t have a lot of extraneous dishes.

And I don’t have to dust too much because I use the dishes most of the time. I do dust the things I don’t use. Yes, that’s a bummer but it isn’t very often so in the grand scheme it’s not really that much of a bummer.

So tomorrow I’ll pick up the lighter color I’m painting the upper cabinets and I’ll start that.  Will it take as long?  Probably just as long because I have to unload the cabinets and paint the insides but I can do it one cabinet at  a time so I’ll just power through. Meanwhile, to me the hard part is done because those cabinet doors and drawers. I for sure thought that would be worse.

also, I love it. It looks SO NICE.


At the end of the day I threw out a quick 5 miles which felt amazing.  It was a beautiful evening, super warm.  I was thinking it was cooler than it was so I overdressed.

How much do you dislike dressing wrong when you run?

I always step onto my deck to gauge my weather and it’s the completely wrong way to do it. So I step out there, it feels cool and I say to Sean “it totally doesn’t feel 75* outside.  It feels like it’s 65* at the most.  Note to self, listen to the weatherman.

Yeah….it was easily 75*.

That was a way toasty run. So unfriendly right there.


This morning we decided to stay home and have brunch with the family. Theboy found the chocolate Hershey’s eggs  I have hanging around in a bowl and kept bringing the empty foil to us and asking where he should put it, mouth full of chocolate. LOL

Papa Sean wisely put the bowl up out of reach, but not before many eggs were devoured. That was a happy boy.

And now….for your entertainment…or mine I guess.






I missed church again today. God will forgive me. Because I got to have brunch with my whole beautiful family.  it’s the little things.


run on…

8 Replies to “When plans fall through, you can still have a great weekend.”

  1. My hair stylist met her future hubby hiking the Manitou Springs Incline. I’ve been meaning to do this, but it looks killer. Her tip is take the easy way down once at the top, as your legs are miserable enough.

    Wow, Sean was super tired.

    Great miles. I’m the worst for planning my runs based on temp. Running in shorts and a t-shirt seems weird to me anymore. I routinely run with a light jacket around my waist, just in case. I’m fussy about the wind.

    Love painted cabinets, but I’m not handy enough for that one. Great job.

    1. That seems to be the general consensus. Take the other way down. I wasn’t nervous about doing it until I read the Yelp reviews! LOL. Now I’m nervous. But it still looks awesome.

      I love that your hairstylist met her significant other there! What a great story! And yes, it does look killer. I have a friend that does it with her boyfriend and they run it, completing it in like…less than 30 minutes. They are in superior shape. It’s pretty amazing.

      Yes, Sean was super tired. Made me laugh.

      I am usually pretty good with planning what to wear but I’ve been totally off lately and I usually don’t layer when I run so I won’t take my jacket off. I’m the worst with that. I get cold very very easily.

      I painted my cabinets years ago and now I wanted a change. So…I did it again. It looks really nice and it was very easy.

  2. I love your family pics! 🙂
    Yay for five miles! Sooo annoying being dressed wrong though. My biggest pet peeve right now is that I keep forgetting to buy more headbands and I need them when I run to keep my headphones from driving me crazy. I only have about two and my laundry run isn’t that frequent (tmi?) and re-wearing is not nice 😉

    1. Thank you! We had a great day. And yes…five miles felt so good.

      I have super short hair now and no longer need headbands but I totally understand the desperation. Send yourself a text or an email. Or both. I live for those reminders. I wouldn’t get anything done otherwise.

      Btw…order more headbands!

  3. I agree with everyone else – love the photos of your family! And hooray for a good weekend, even if it wasn’t what you had originally planned 🙂

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