Prayer is a big deal here…

So…prayer is a big deal here.

And it’s Easter week so it’s been all over the news. Go figure.

The Today Show is doing a series on spirituality and the one on this morning is called “can you be spiritual and not be religious?”

I think…yes.

It’s like the world has done this giant shift and suddenly prayer and generosity and kindness win our hearts.

I utilize this prayer thing a lot.

Frequently it’s my first action of the morning.

I pray on the way to work and I pray during work (though usually that’s a ~please help me get through this day~ move)

And sometimes I sit outside work and send a group text asking for everyone else to pray for me.

This is usually highly successful in keeping me sane because my crazy friends will totally do it.

It works.

A peace just washes over me and my day gets suddenly much better.

Huh. I wonder why I don’t do that every day…

I really don’t have to do that particularly often, and really don’t remember the last time I did it. But when I do,I’m ever grateful for the backup.




So many names.

Important to so many people.

My own kids have said they don’t believe.

then they say…well…okay. Maybe we believe but we aren’t organized about it. We just think there is a higher power.

Look.  Call it whatever you want.

The God I believe in looks for the good in people and asks for it back.  He says~ come to Me. I’m here for you.

And He has all the answers. And sometimes they aren’t what you want to hear. And he doesn’t put it on a billboard so hearing the answer isn’t always easy.

What exactly in life is easy?

I would be much less sane without my higher power.

And that’s saying something.  


Yesterday I did make it to the gym for some strength training and elliptical.

I practiced some of that prayer I talked about previously…

wink animated GIF

and actually made it through the gym experience in mostly one piece.

As I expected, I was on display when I went there. But I was so frustrated when I got there, I just worked out and ignored everyone. The guy who watched me squat almost got an earful though.

If you know me at all, that is totally unlike me, first of all.

Second, the first person that says, “it’s because you’re so hot!” will immediately be slapped.

I’m not kidding. I will totally drive there and slap you.

slap animated GIF


bonus points if you know this movie  (and the line).  It’s a great movie. This is the best part…

I’m certain he was mentally correcting my form and he can just worry about someone else.  I was fine.

I have a million things to do today and have a bit of a migraine today but I’m drugging up and powering through.

I haven’t had a migraine for days and days (yay me!) so I figure it’s not a big deal.

Still pretty on track! Yay me!

Hey, it’s my blog. I can yay me all I want.

following animated GIF


The hardest thing about losing weight is accepting yourself. You can do as many sit up and squats as you want, eating nothing but lettuce and apples, but you are YOU!!!

Run on…




6 Replies to “Prayer is a big deal here…”

  1. Moonstruck! “Snap out of it!” Lol ,love it. I always pray….beloved spirit of infinite wisdom and light. Pour down on me your servant, an abundance of your blessings that I may share them with others. That and”give me the strength to not commit murder today lol

    1. You win the prize!!!~ I’ll let you know what it is. When I think of it.
      I should TOTALLY have prizes for these things. But you would ALWAYS win. You are so good.
      I LOVE your prayer.
      I should so ask people their favorite prayer. That is so beautiful. Not the murder one. the other one.

      1. Hahaha! The murder one is important but nor beautiful. The other one is a reminder to myself to be generous and kind. Two things you don’t have to be reminded to be because you already are.

        1. I don’t remind myself of either of those things but I remind myself that other people have reasons for their pain and maybe that’s why they aren’t always kind. Of course, it doesn’t excuse them, but it helps me maybe excuse them.
          Sigh…I pray for a lot of things. I’m a mess.

  2. Love the thoughts on prayers. As a UU, the “spiritual but not religious” thing gets brought up A LOT. And I’ve heard so many great analogies for the higher power. A friend told me once he sees God like language in some ways. I can’t articulate it quite as well as he did, but it was something along the lines of we all say different words, but the meaning/goal is very similar.

    1. Oh yes. I agree with that, too. I always kind of think along those lines….and also I wonder why it has to be such an ugly fight and why it can’t be such a blessing of wonder at how other people choose to honor their spirituality.

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