I’m a little random today.

We got SNOW!

I love it. It was SO pretty to run in it yesterday.

My sore sore legs (from my strength on Tuesday) were silently (and not so silently) thanking me for using them…

Sean and I couldn’t sleep…

Classic insomnia.  He went to work at 4:30am!

Might as well work instead of sit there staring at the ceiling…

And in my dreams..he finishes his day earlier and comes home!

That is most likely not going to happen but I can dream…. 

I pressed on and eventually did sleep. Yay me!

yay animated GIF

I have a million things to do this Easter weekend but I get to spend it with my family so it should be FUN!

Alex Michael played soccer last night and I just spent 30 minutes at least on the phone with him trying to convince him to take his severely sprained foot to the doctor to check it for a break. In the end….he’s not going. Ugh. can I have my morning back?

On the bright side he made me laugh SO MUCH it was incredibly worth it.

phone animated GIF
He’s such a man. ::eyeroll:: Wait…wonder where he gets it?? Please see story above about his father going to work at 4:30 and working a full day…sigh.


I need to come home tonight and yoga. I’m a bit sore…but hey…again…worth it.

phone calls with your kid that make you laugh and make you happy…

it’s the little things.


Running=life. http://fitworkshop.com/best-marathon-training-program/

So so much…

Run on…

4 Replies to “I’m a little random today.”

  1. Yay finally falling asleep! Yay running! Yay family! (Yay me actually responding to one of your posts within a reasonable amount of time 😉 )

    I can’t, however, say yay to snow. I know it’s beautiful, but I’m over it.

    Hope Alex Michael’s foot heals quickly..

    1. I know you East Coasters are over it…and a lot of us are over it, too. I feel like we didn’t get a HUGE winter though so we can hardly really complain. But I still love the light dusting. It’s just enough to be interesting.
      And you can’t really blame yourself for not commenting/reading my blog enough…Sheesh..I post nearly every day. That’s a LOT.

    1. I usually just do a DVD that I have but sometimes I’ll pull a youtube off and do that. And if I just have a few minutes (few being twenty minutes or under) I’ll do my memory of the DVD’s and just go with the flow…so to speak. LOL. It’s not nosy! Totally okay!

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