This was a good day.

I woke up on Easter with the intention of heading out on my long run.

Then MT asked if I was going to church with him…he had to acolyte on Easter Sunday.

Hmm.  Of course I am.

So I quick ran up and changed my clothes and we headed out the door.

I haven’t been to church in far too long and Sean and I don’t like to go to church on  Easter when we haven’t been to church in a long time. You know…those people.

But everyone knows us so I was pleasantly welcomed, it was a great morning.

We had a beautiful morning, left church and came home to a house full of family waiting for brunch.

Doesn’t get better than that.

We had cinnamon rolls and eggs and bacon and hashbrowns and strawberries and raspberries and blackberries and ugh. It was all so delicious.

It really really doesn’t get better than that. 

Alex headed out to spend time with a friend’s family for the afternoon.

Shaughnessy and Adam headed over to theboy’s other grandma’s house to spend the rest of the day eating actual real food.

Montana went to work… (if you live under a rock~ Fast and Furious 7 is out and my son lives at the theatre)

At this point…I ran my seven miles.

And I thought it didn’t get any better…

When I got home, I changed into comfy sweats, grabbed my gummies (did I mention the Easter bunny brought me a basket? I do love the Easter bunny.  He’s always so good to me.  That’s why I married him) and hung out on the couch with said Easter bunny and watched NYPD Blue for a few hours while I played on the computer.


Photographic proof of a great day.


this child ate so much sugar. 


Ugh. could they be any cuter?


Do you wanna take a picture with me?

theboy: yeth (swoon…so cute)



In honor of my dad…who used to buy my mom a little flower corsage on Easter Sunday. I always loved that. 

image (24)

Side note:  At church I was approached by two different people about my awesome son who Acolytes there on Sundays and almost always for the holidays. Those are really tough days to fill and he is awesome to take those days.  He’s super busy and it’s a gift to his church to do that.  

One person was sitting in front of me and he stood at the front of the church in his white robe looking all handsome and everything she she leaned back and said, “he really is the spitting image of his dad, isn’t he? So handsome”. At that moment I had just said under my breath…he looks so cute!

The second person approached me after church and said it’s so refreshing and impressive to see a young man like MT come to church and serve like he does without his parents.  In other words, his parents aren’t making him come, he does this of his own accord.  Yes, we are impressed with him, too.


Yoga tonight because I spent too much time today not doin’ yoga.


Running has magic powers. Lol! I like the chocolate cake part...

Run on….

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