Is comfortable silence really comfortable?

Yesterday morning Sean woke in the oh dark early and was heading out the door. He stopped and came to my side of the bed and kneeled down and rested his head by me. I always call this his meditation time. He’s not sleeping. It’s like he’s pondering his day but spending time with me. I thought…


is my favorite part of today.

We don’t actually ever have to talk.

And Sean will tell you sometimes it’s best if I don’t. hahahhaa. We’ve been married a really long time (29 years this May) so we are pretty comfortable with each other. Though I’ll tell you, I can’t ever remember a time I wasn’t comfortable with him.

I haven’t always been comfortable with his quiet. I would worry if he was ok. I would worry if I was doing something wrong. I would worry I made him unhappy. And then…I got smart I guess. Because he is ok. He’s just that guy. And I have learned and grown to love it as just so him. He’s great the way he is. I couldn’t be any luckier.

This is us baby! I love spending my days in Your arms


I then had eggs and salsa for breakfast because I love them.

I love eggs.

I love salsa.

I love them together.

Looking to be a beautiful day.

Oh wait…full disclosure.

I had jelly beans.


Not with the eggs and salsa.

Completely separate.

I have some runnin’ to do later (about four miles should be good I think) and some weights. Let’s hope life cooperates.

life animated GIF


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 Run on…even if it’s hard, it’s worth it. I promise.

7 Replies to “Is comfortable silence really comfortable?”

  1. This is so lovely 🙂 29 years, wow! So cool 🙂 being comfortable in silence is something I have been learning a lot about lately in my course- sitting in silence with a client can be so challenging! I am working on it 🙂 but as you point out, what’s hard now will one day be my warm up 😉

    1. Thank you Miss Kiwi 🙂 I know…your name is Jessica. But for some reason my broken brain pictures you as Kiwi. So that’s what I’ve chosen to call you. Hope that’s ok. And yep…29. Pretty cool. And the silence thing? Totally worth it. So good.

  2. Silence is definitely something I struggle with! Hoping that I get better with it as time goes on 🙂 And 29 years is amazing!

    1. Yep. Must be a personality thing. Which is funny because if you’re with someone for any length of time there will inevitably be silence periods. But we must be naturally self conscious and full of doubt so we can’t just trust it’s all natural. I’m grateful it did come with time. I wish it came faster. LOL

      1. Yup. I’m most definitely self conscious.

        The funny thing is – when I put on my “professor mask” – I have no problems with awkward silence. I will let my students sit there as long as it takes to get someone to talk 😛

        1. Yeah, but you’re a teacher doing what you are trained to do.
          We’re so vulnerable to our significant other. They know us so intimately, not just physically but emotionally,too. I think we’re just out there hangin’ waiting for the other shoe to drop…

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