Hibernation is not my friend.

I had to work a full day today and when I got home…I figured out something quite startling…

I mean…I’ve suspected in the past but…

really I was afraid to go there..

I’m a bear.

The moment I’m cold…


I’m asleep

friends animated GIF


And…I was out.

Seriously out.

I was asleep for the night. Woke up at 11pm.

Hello the entire night lost. HOW WRONG IS THAT?

confused animated GIF


I don’t know! I totally regret it!

Bright side?

I have made it an entire day~ an ENTIRE DAY~without any sign of a migraine. Nada. None. Gone. cue angels.

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I have a friend who blogs and has a business and she is amazing at it. Girl really COULD sell snow to eskimos.

She used to be overweight (I’m going to say not greatly overweight, she may argue with that) and one day had a wake up call. She lost a great amount of weight, and now encourages and motivates people to lose weight and lead happy healthy lives, too, through her business.  She’s very motivating and inspirational and generally people just love her.

I am going to give an opinion though.  She posts “before” photos of herself on FB when she was not at her healthiest weight.

When she first posted it this morning I thought…what is this?

Then I was able to read it and I thought…um…that’s her before photo?

In all fairness…it wasn’t her first before photo…I think it was a few pounds in. But she made it clear she was not happy about this photo.

sigh. Girl has better abs at her horrible awful ~I must make a change in my life~ photo than I have ever had. What the hell?

And of course, everyone that spends any time with her is like..wow!  What a huge CHANGE! You look so GREAT now!

I just think we need some perspective please and yes..she is my friend and she knows I love her.

Every body is different! We can’t really look at one person and their weight or size and give a blanket “wow, that size is CRAZY. Can you believe she was/is ~insert weight or size here~”. It’s patently unfair.  There are a million different factors that make up a person and we do have to careful not to give a blanket statement like that. 

Sometimes little words may make a difference…

“for me…this weight was just too high and I was very uncomfortable in my own skin”~ or something along those lines maybe?

For all you know, someone has been working very hard to get to the goal weight or size you just posted as your “can you believe I was ever at THAT SIZE” moment.

Not everyone was meant to be a size 2 or a size 4.

A lot of people are incredibly comfortable at a size 12 or 14.

I have a friend who is training for an ironman and if I recall she is a size 12.  Girl is amazing…she runs FAR more than I do. She bikes like a maniac. I can’t tell you how crazy she is.  She seems quite comfortable in her size twelveness.  And she’s just beautiful.

I firmly believe in the goal of being healthy.

I firmly believe in the goal of eating good clean healthy foods consistently and forever.

I firmly believe in regular and consist real and heart rate raising exercise. Make it count. 

I firmly believe in strength training as part of your regular routine.

And if you do all that…it will be there. 

I don’t think you need to be a size 4. I just don’t.

I don’t think you need to be bikini ready.


after I said all this…tomorrow’s post is going to contradict a lot of this.  But hang with me.  Hopefully it makes sense.


A migraine free day.

A quick visit from Alex Michael.

Sean hibernated with me.

MT came home from work and talked to me for a few quiet minutes in the kitchen….

It’s the little things.


Everybody do it!

Run on…


3 Replies to “Hibernation is not my friend.”

  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes one hundred times yes to all of this!

    There was a comic I saw a while ago for “How to get a bikini body.” It was something like “Buy a bikini. Put it on your body. Now you have a bikini body!”

    1. Ha! I suppose that would do it, right?? So we stand up and insist that we all are beautiful in all our random sizes (which I truly and honestly believe!) but inside my head I wish I was in a smaller size, I was trimmer, leaner. There wasn’t that darn “muffin top”. And while we’re at it…could we get rid of the name “muffin top”? what an awful description. Ugh.

      In conclusion…I believe women are a contradiction. So there.

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