Who do you think you are?

Ha. See now..you thought that was a snotty title, didn’t you. That’s how well you know me. 😉
It’s all in how you read it.

Remember yesterday when I said I’d contradict everything I said?

So here I am. Contradicting.

Runner’s World keeps sending me emails that say “Run Off Ten Pounds!”

Are they in my head?

As much as I firmly believe I should be accepting of my body in all it’s glory…

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I always expect more from it. I will always be working harder. I will always be looking at it critically.

I will simultaneously be thankful for it’s strength, it’s gifts, it’s ability to persevere throughout all I’ve done to it and all nature has done to it. #thankyouceliac #hypothyroidismsucks #alwaysmigraines

So I’m not ever going to be the glossy blogger who says all is wonderful and I love my body and isn’t Paleo great and hey clean eating rocks and every stretch mark on my body is a gift reminding me of my beautiful children, etc etc.

I know, I’m a little hard core. Sorry.

But…that being said, I do love my body even as I have really unhappy feelings about certain parts of it. And I prefer cupcakes SO much and if I could eat gluten you can bet your sweet butt I would because WHOA it’s  really a hassle for not just me but every single person in my family…close and extended. And every stretch mark on my body? Nothing good to say bout those. Sorry. Never liked them. Never will. I hide them as often as possible. So there. 😉

How many of you saw this Dove ad?

I actually thought this was really interesting.

What would you choose?

Would you choose something different in public…than in private?

Would you choose differently on different days based on how you feel?

I would not.

Not for lack of self confidence. I see myself as very practical and objective. I can look in a mirror and see that this is appealing and this isn’t, etc.

There are definitely days I feel more beautiful than other days but I’ve never been an “I’m beautiful” person.

I would march my way through the average door without hesitation and I would do it publicly and privately.

But I also see how difficult it would be to allow yourself to go through the beautiful door and recognizing the self confidence and worth enough to do it.

I hope you are happy with your body and who you are but no judgment here if you aren’t. You’ll have to get in line with the rest of us. But most of all I hope you are just happy.  And if you aren’t happy with your body and feel you need to make some changes, please make sure they are healthy changes and not just the quickie 3 Days to a Bikini Body diet. 

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Five miles yesterday before work. It feels so good to run before work.  I could keep these hours forever. I know I’m spoiled so I figure it’s probably not going to last but a girl can only hope, right?

My running is good and strong and I’m balancing it with yoga which is necessary for good health and no injuries (knock on wood).

It’s been a good running week. It started out not a lot of running but balanced out well, migraine be damned.

Run on…

4 Replies to “Who do you think you are?”

  1. I was thinking about this today! It is an interesting ad. I would go through the Im beautiful door but I don’t think I would be thinking about looks, I would be thinking of my inner life and all the other aspects of beauty there are. I also really think that yoga has helped me feel more beautiful both inside and outside because of the self-acceptance that comes along with it 🙂

    1. I totally agree with that. It is completely how you see yourself and if you include your WHOLE self or just your outer beauty. And some people just have a great light that comes from them. Those people definitely should go through the beautiful door. Because they make other people shine, too.

  2. So many things to think about in this post. Body image is such a crazy and personal thing. (and now you’ve got me thinking about what door I’d go through!)

    1. mmhmm. I KNOW. Because my heart WANTS me to go through the beautiful door. But my head is practical and says…but you’re average Chick so go through the average door and accept who you are.

      and yes…some days I do feel more beautiful than other days. Some days whoa. Those are the days I wonder how anyone ever looked at me twice. I don’t like those days at all.

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