Stuck on the corner of DON’T WALK and DON’T WALK

I headed out to do my nine miles last night and I’ll admit my heart wasn’t in it.  I wanted a fun run so I could stay home and hang with Sean. Also I have a ton of work to do so…yeah…really busy, my mind was sort of not on running this weekend.

Pretty sure the people at Nike and Brooks just got chills and they don’t know why…

Sorry Guys.

But I knew it would be way better to get it done than put it off so I headed out.

Also, I knew if it wasn’t coming through I could call Sean and he’d come get me.

I know, you’re thinking why call? Why not run home?

Um…24mph winds…

time animated GIF

not friendly.

So I planned a run that was 9 miles out with the wind at my back. 🙂

Last week I asked MT if that was cheating.

He said it was resourceful.

this is why he’s my favorite.

After about a mile I really settled in and felt pretty good…  figured maybe I’ll cut it short and just do it tomorrow.

Ditto at two miles.

This continued on for awhile and finally I decided to stop being a wuss and get it done.

I chose a direction (well, it chose me, right?) but I knew the end result was SO WORTH IT.  I love this particular way. It has a great road that’s all windy and downhill and so flyin’ fun to run down…

When I dragged my sorry butt up the two freaking miles of painful awful slow miles of hills leading to it I stopped at the corner and pushed the button to wait for the light.

This…is a light.

It’s like 8 lanes.

Super ass busy.

Traffic flyin’.

It skipped me. Both ways.

I pushed again.

And again.

And yes…again.

Hello…I was only at 6.37 miles!

And now I’m at a dilemma…what to do??

I walked into Walgreens and called Sean to come get me.

It was now super cold, I was tired and I was beyond sad.

All because I couldn’t cross the street.

I’d like to point out…I’m not usually that nervous about crossing the street but this street is nothing to mess with and I’m not going to be a statistic no way.  I even asked Sean later and he agreed…yep. Not worth it there.

I was stuck.

So now I have to decide if I want to try again tonight or just skip it and be bummed.


Yesterday we tore our deck out.  We’ve lived here for 18 years and it was there when we moved in. We’ve sanded and refinished it many times.  It was still so good to see it go and fun as hell to watch the boys work.

033 062
009 023


Montana…come stand on this… (and he does)

Weekend with theboy.  Time with Shaughnessy and Adam.  All the guys working together. It’s the little things.

Happy anniversary to Shaughnessy and Adam! Five years strong…


Run on…

8 Replies to “Stuck on the corner of DON’T WALK and DON’T WALK”

  1. I’m so sorry. Weird that the light kept skipping letting you cross. 6.37 miles in 24 mph winds, you rock. I have tons of chatter in my head every time it’s windy and I have to run. I’m fussy about windy conditions and testy.

    Saturday, I wanted 7. Ran 6.31 miles on an upset stomach for most of my run. All because I didn’t finish my big glass of water that morning. Proudest run in forever, because I refused to bail sooner like my body wanted too.

    1. Oh, did you miss where I ran with it AT MY BACK? LOL. Totally cheating, Chick. Totally cheating. I’ll run in wind but if I don’t have to…I won’t.

      That is a GREAT run! I know you have been struggling to get your mileage up and nice job on doing it! 6.31…close enough to 7. (you came way closer to your goal than I did to mine!).
      And man, when our bodies are picky, right? So not fun.

  2. Tess, I saw. Still it couldn’t have been easy.

    I believe that I’m finally over the hump. Mentally and physically it is becoming easier on most runs. I cheated, I’m trying to run longer daily. Makes getting the miles easier.

    My body forgot what a long run meant and felt like. Ran 23.42 miles last week. I’m over 280 miles for the year. Hoping to get 25-26 miles a week (at least) for the rest of the year. We bid on a Longmont house yesterday, hope to hear today. Relocation firm is in charge of who wins the bidding.

    1. I was just getting ready to ask about moving day!! I have a co worker who is house hunting and it’s super discouraging for her. So many house hunters, so little homes (and yet so many people in Denver…what’s that about?).

      I’m so glad you have moved past the hard part. Isn’t it the WORST? Ugh. It’s like starting from scratch. That is some really nice mileage there.
      And I’ll say this about my run on Sunday….it was relatively not fun. LOL. I felt like it was me though. Just feeling all sloggy and heavy legs. I kept waiting for the happy legs to kick in. Sadly that never happened. Ha. Oh well. Thanks for the running love. I need to remind myself I guess.

  3. Market is super hot and crazy right now. It’s been a frustrating process as many homes that I liked were under contract before I could go see them. I’m hearing how hot it is at nearly every level from my agent.

    Weeks ago, she quit accepting offers on two homes she listed. One had 17 offers and other nearly as many. I keep hearing of bidding wars and couples loosing out time and time again by being outbid. Renters are getting squeezed and I’d never think of selling now without buying first. You could easily get stuck.

    Good luck to your co-worker. Has she tried near Stapleton? Smaller, but cheaper homes over there if you avoid the new communities.

    1. I think she’s looking for South…Arapahoe and such. She’s looking for a condo and she is kind of specific. She knows it’s a tough time right now though. Three times she’s had cash offers right out from under her. Bam. So crazy. And the last offer she made wasn’t small. She offered a significant amount cash over the asking price. Nope. This market is awful. It’s almost embarrassing.

  4. Ugh. Sorry about the run 🙁 Sometimes it’s just not in the cards.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your deck project!

    1. I’ll keep you posted! It’ll be good. I’m excited. And it’s okay. The run was kind of comical. Who can’t finish a run because of the street sign? LOL

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