Procrastination streak is over…productivity has moved in.

I’ve found myself with a list longer than my paper. So I made the choice to ditch everything and paint the rest of the cupboards.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Now…they weren’t exactly the color I was expecting…

ryan gosling animated GIF


I started to doubt myself….have I lost my artistic talent??


Or I maybe just didn’t test the color and it isn’t exactly what I was looking for but it looks pretty good.

I imagine in the light of actual day (it’s 1:30am) it’s a really pretty color.

I’m likin’ it.

I’m really likin’ that I’m about 90% done with the project.


So today the plan is to get a good  run in and some strength at the gym or maybe yoga.

I have to finish the project I’m starting so we’ll see what I’m capable of. But hey…I got a LOT done today.


Remember I had theboy for the weekend??

He and I took Malachi for a run.

Theboy image (25) image (26) image (27)

Be still my heart…

They were so pretty just runnin’ in the sunshine.



Run on…

4 Replies to “Procrastination streak is over…productivity has moved in.”

    1. Ha. Weren’t they the cutest? They were just RUNNIN’!!

      He said, “He probably wants to play, but I’m too fast”. hahaha. yes you are, Little man. Yes you are.

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