My mental health is suffering. I know, you’re thinking I just figured that out now?

So I’m taking a mental health day.

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I have a friend at work who takes mental health days. 

I assumed this was code for “I’m sick of you people and I want a break so I’m skipping tomorrow”.

Yeah. Sometimes we feel that way about you, too. It’s okay. I don’t say that to her though.

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There are just some days when I feel like ~what the hell am I doing wrong?

In my head I know I cannot be the only person that feels this way.

Fortunately I have a few good friends that are screwed up like I am  deep and thoughtful like I am.

They recognize why I think the way I do and are quick to tell me it’s ok.

Full disclosure, one of them is my husband so sometimes he’s not really listening. And if he is he just kinda nods. But hey…he’s got my back at least 80% of the time. 

My other friend is like…half my age and three times as smart. So I believe she’s actually got a clue. I totally believe her when she tells me I’m not screwed up. LOL. And I do the same for her. I’m sure she really appreciates my expertise.

This has gone on far longer than I wanted.  I must leave so I can schedule my required fall apart time.

Also…I must run. We have high winds coming in later and man…I’m so over those.

By the way, I used that smiley because I love him. No other good reason. LOL.

I will leave you with this GIF which is is a perfect summation of my brain right now.

Also…I love Tina Fey.

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Run on….


3 Replies to “My mental health is suffering. I know, you’re thinking I just figured that out now?”

  1. As I’m sure you can imagine with my chosen career path, I am all about the mental health days 🙂 and if it makes you feel better, I don’t feel like you are screwed up! I feel like everyone including me is all a little screwed up in our own special way 🙂 sooo many people say to me- do you think I need therapy??? And I say honestly, I think everyone needs therapy! Therapists go to their own therapy too! 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling a little better and that mental health day worked wonders 🙂

    1. Ha. I’m sure! It’s okay. My mom is a counselor so therapy is I’m not new to the therapy world. I just seriously wasn’t up to writing anything. Then I wrote anyway! And thanks! The day went pretty good. It was a nice break of sorts 🙂

  2. Love you <3 and in all honesty, I took a mental health day from my band rehearsal this week. Sometimes you just need a break and it's good to know that limit! (Except then I got actually sick =/ but that's another story… )

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