So this was my day off…

I was talking to Catherine (my beautiful amazing fabulous sister)  this morning…

Ya’ll don’t know her except by her name and her great comments because I’m a terrible person and don’t have any family photos on my dang computer.  Seriously I spent an hour looking for a photo of my dad this morning and I don’t have one! What is WRONG with me?

Ready for more what is wrong with me?

I wrote that an hour ago and now I can’t remember where I was going with this…

Oh wait…

I remember now…

She asked why I was at work…she thought I was taking a mental health day.

yes, I was. From blogging. Ha.

So hello… I clearly didn’t take a lot of time off.

And I’m still screwed up mentally, if that helps anyone out.

I ran a fast/slow 4.5 miles this morning.

My  miles were fast, but I stopped to breath and tell myself how tired I was several times.  Probably more than several.

It was discouraging.

After work (which was exhausting. My gosh I work four whole hours. It’s a wonder I can get anything done with all those dang hours I have to work…don’t hate me) I drove to Castle Rock and did the incline.

This is the view from the top…It’s got two hundred stairs and it’s technically the Castle Rock Mini Incline.  LOL.

    image (1)
once you get to the can hang out in the Adirondack chairs and rest before heading back down.


The view from the left is equally as beautiful.  It’s totally worth the climb. 

I did it twice so I could get my camera and take the photos.
image (5)

And because my day/week has felt all off like that, I took my tired little self to yoga.  Yep. at the actual studio. I took it to the classroom. I figured it could use some restoring. It was totally worth it though I am now thoroughly exhausted it was so good.

I managed to stay the entire hour (anyone that knows me knows THAT’S a miracle in and of itself. Ha) and I still feel pretty good.

I’m super tired and going to bed.

I have nothing of the wisdom sort to share with you beyond be kind to each other.




Run on…

4 Replies to “So this was my day off…”

  1. Sorry I had to text you when you were having a rough time. Wish I could have climbed those steps with you.

    1. Oh you can ALWAYS text me. And I’m just screwing with my own head. I’ll tell you all about what’s wrong with me later. I’m sure you’ll get a good laugh out of it and fix me straight. 😉

  2. Yay for studio yoga! Sometimes you just need that community to really do the trick…

    Sorry you’ve been feeling so discouraged by your running. I certainly know that feeling. (but man are you awesome for climbing all those stairs twice! Looks like an amazing view 🙂 )

    1. It was really cool…Just the right amount and I felt strong enough to do it twice. I’m going to try and go back Tuesday or Wednesday and do it again. When it stops snowing here. ha.

      I’ve just decided not to stress about the running. What will be, will be. And all that jazz.

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