PTSD rant…don’t worry…it’s mostly short. But I mean hey…it’s our veterans. Seriously.

I’m updating this to say it doesn’t have to be just veterans. We know so many people can have PTSD, anyone that can go through a trauma.  Don’t misunderstand that it’s just a veteran. This one instance is what called my attention but I want to make sure we always know it’s very very real to a lot of people, military and not.

I’m going to briefly go off topic today.

I know.

You totally rolled your eyes at “briefly” didn’t you.


There was an incident in the local news today about a man involved in a standoff with police.  He was barricaded in an apartment complex and there were reports of shots fired.  The standoff lasted for about six hours and over the course of the day the police speculated drugs were involved. The man involved, a young man in his mid twenties if I have my information correct, was reportedly prior service, an Army Ranger.

Of course, the moment I heard of his prior service I suspected there were reasons for what was happening, right?

Unfortunately, as I listened to the people that were around me discussing the situation all I heard was a gigantic and sickening lack of compassion.

That’s what happens when you do drugs. 

I hope he knows what he’s doing…he’s going to end up dead.

Can you imagine how ***** off those people are that can’t get into their apartments?

I am speculating on this of course but…

… assuming this man suffers from PTSD and  complete and absolute lack of any sort of empathy or compassion for someone who may or may not be suffering from trauma and self treating with street drugs and this combination results in this mess of a standoff….

Well, as my sister Catherine (remember Sister Catherine?) would say…”can I get an ETA on your compassion?”

Respect PTSD-  Article: Anniversary Reactions: A Survivor's Guide on How to Cope by Angie Panos, Ph.D.

I just don’t find it funny.
Maybe he knows what he’s doing. And maybe he just doesn’t care.
I think he’s sick and he feels awful and he doesn’t want to hurt anymore.
I can’t imagine what his poor parents are feeling.  I can’t imagine the pain they are in, knowing how much he’s hurting and also praying he doesn’t hurt anyone else or himself before this standoff nightmare ends.
And I couldn’t care less how put out someone is from their apartment. I just don’t care.

That is all. I just had to say…

Today I am sad.
I am sad for this man and his family and for …
what our sons and daughters are bringing home in their heads.
PTSD...Peter Levine's, Healing trauma. Next week I have an intake of this therapy. I' ve read his book, I hope it will help me out of this hell.

Do you see how I abuse my blog for my own purposes?

I’m not even sorry.

Or as my co worker and half the world would say…

sorry I’m not sorry.


Five miles tonight and a good stretch…

It’s gonna be a wet weekend here folks.  But I’m excited to run anyway because…

I love to run. 

I know. You’re shocked by that revelation.

My runs have been okay. I thought they were going really well but after reviewing a few things I think I’m still a little slower than I’d prefer and I’m still stopping more than I’d like.

I was not very happy when I thought about it and then I came to this quick conclusion…

I still ran five miles 

I still get to run.

I think I’ll be grateful for my life today. 

this made me laugh out loud ... cause pretty much, that's what i'm saying in my head while i'm running .... it's ok if you suck ... at least you're trying ...


Run on…

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  1. There is a frightening lack of understanding of PTSD. We see a lot of it and it is sometimes crippling. It can be hard to treat because of it’s very nature. I will pray for this family and for peace in this world.

    1. It’s so heartbreaking. My prayers are included in this. And for you and yours who work with this kind of situation all the time. What frustrating it must be to feel so helpless.

    1. I totally read this article! I had come across it already when I was looking at PTSD stuff. The connection with yoga and PTSD is so interesting. Thanks for shooting it to me anyway, I was thinking of putting it on the blog and was clearly in rant mode instead.

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