Snow fun…interpret as you will… ;)

We got snow.

We’re still getting snow.

It’s wet and heavy and gross.

And kind of pretty and foggy and I like it.

It’s supposed to continue through MONDAY.

I did not run.

Not because of the snow.

But because Sean and I went to a movie.


There was a Sean sighting…can you believe it?

We went to see the Woman In Gold

I really liked it.

Now…I love any kind of movie that tells me a little history. I love learning about history. So to me this was a really good movie.
Pretty sure someone is going to shout from the rooftops it’s not accurate. It’s poorly told, whatever.  I liked it a lot.  I’m able to do my own research and figure out what’s right and what’s wrong… so I went and just enjoyed the movie.


My plan today was to throw out a few miles this morning…

and it’s foggy and beautiful so I really wanted to, what a great morning to run…

but MT was hangin’ with us before his big Senior presentation and I’d way rather do that.  I’ll run later.

Here he is in all his handsome glory…psst…anyone tired of seein’ my kids yet? sorry… ::sheepishgrin::




I know most people are going to be excited to see Quentin Tarantino’s new movie The Hateful Eight but I grew up in the age of the great western, Clint Eastwood and the  hero cowboy saving the day. In today’s news of ISIS,  mass shootings (some just  a mile or two from us), black Americans afraid of being shot for being black and police afraid of being shot for being police….let’s watch a movie called The Hateful Eight.  Sadly, I love so much of the cast.  I just don’t want to deal with the violence. Such a bummer. Guess I’m a Pollyanna. 

I know, I know…tell me how you really feel.


How random is this post?


Spending the morning in our jammies in bed while MT hangs out with us in the rocking chair chatting about just nothing in general and we’re laughin’.

It’s the little things.




Run on… 

6 Replies to “Snow fun…interpret as you will… ;)”

  1. Definitely a random post, but that’s not a bad thing 🙂 Your family is so good looking!

    and I’ve been hearing the Woman in Gold is a very good movie.

    Hope the snow melts soon (if it hasn’t already!)

    1. sigh…I know. But hey, sometimes I have to be random.
      I did really like the movie! And the snow is mostly melted…it’s just coming back.. LOL

    1. I do love those days! Those are my favorites. I think I’ve decided to do that tonight. Just hang out in my jammies and ditch the run.

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