Rainy Boston Day…

I don’t think there’s a runner out there who doesn’t know that this is Boston day.

I hope the weather holds out and we have an amazing race with exciting results. No one wants pouring rain all day. Or the wind. No wind.

Here in Colorado we have other meanings for April 20th and I’m just skippin’ right over them.

They just aren’t nearly as wonderful.


Yesterday we went to Shaughnessy and Adam’s potluck in the park to celebrate their 5 year anniversary.

It was sketchy weather all week. 44* was the high for the day and it was projected rain and hail.

Yep. We were all holding our breath.

But rally on, Colorado. You always produce the sun, now don’t you?

I don’t think it really did get much over 44* but it was so sunny and we were all bundled in jackets and it was a great day.

Shaughnessy and Adam had tons of breakfast and hot stuff provided…

mini waffles and pancakes

sausage and bacon and eggs

biscuits and gravy!

people brought parfaits and french toast casserole

fruit bowls and pie

fried chicken and samosas!

coffee, tea, hot chocolate, seriously I cannot tell you how much there was of everything and so many people it was just great. A giant picnic breakfast in the park. It was great.

And yes, cake.

I ordered a cake from this amazing bakery here in Aurora.  It’s called Yum Yum Cake and Pastries


Isn’t it gorgeous?  We (not we…I couldn’t…but everyone else did) ate half of it at the picnic. The bakery is a lovely little Korean bakery so the cake is very light, not too sweet.  They have sweet breads packaged and ready to buy and they are SO kind and friendly.  If you are in the area I highly recommend. A friendly local bakery that does such great work for really reasonable prices and also has good baked goods is just impossible to find.  I only wish they were gluten free. Ha.


After the party while Adam and Shaughnessy cleaned up the last tidbits of the party, the boys entertained Theboy.

Or at least that’s what you could say they were doing to save face… LOL

But they were all having fun 🙂


So…Theboy was upset.  To help…Papa Sean put the car on top of the ball and dropped it as hard as he could to see how far up in the air he could shoot the car…

Pretty soon it became a contest to see how far everyone could shoot the car.  Theboy was pretty excited about this game of science. 

IMG_20150419_135733   IMG_20150419_135349

IMG_20150419_135759  IMG_20150419_135347


“Hey, couldja hold my hat?”


Alex worked on the deck while Sean supervised ::chuckle:: and hey…Alex did a great job on digging those post holes.


When I got home I  couldn’t get warm so there was no way I was doing my long run. I considered doing it on the treadmill. I don’t mind that and it’s generally easy for me to do that. But I had a nagging ~don’t feel good~ feeling. Who knows why. So I put on my beloved sweatshirt and put in three miles on the treadmill to call it a night.


I bought a dress.

It’s not black.

It is going back.

So there’s that.

Run on…

5 Replies to “Rainy Boston Day…”

  1. It has been super rainy here too! Unlike the amazing people at boston though, I have not been out running in it 🙂 that cake is so so beautiful, I’m sorry you couldn’t eat some! I hope you had your own treat! 🙂

    1. I will admit…it was fairly torturous to not be able to eat it. Usually I can handle it but it was rough.

      I hope you are powering through your homework. I was thinking it was eating you alive the other day 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary to them!! (and that cake does look amazing).

    And I laughed a little about your dress 🙂 (I did end up buying mine this week, by the way…. and a cute cardigan to wear with it!)

    1. Ha. Well if you laughed at that you should get a good giggle out of today’s then. 😉

      And I’m SO glad you bought your dress. You totally deserve it.

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