What are your procrastination triggers??

I LOVE to run in the morning.

I love to run.

I love.


Just wanted to go there.


Running in the morning is one of my all time favorite joys.  And I love to run in the evening, just as the sun is thinking about setting but not actually coming down.

The rising and the setting.

But in the morning I always have a great reason to not run.

And I mean, it’s good. It’s a really good reason.

Time. I am a time sucker.

I have to have X amount of time to get in my run.

If I need to run 6 miles…I need at least 70 minutes free time.

A:  I’m slow.

B: I run on main streets with street lights.

C: I do tend to stop and gasp for air.

D: I have to drink a good healthy shake when I get home.

E: I have to stretch a bit.

C?  Heh…gotcha there, didn’t I?

Anyway. So you can imagine that I’d prefer even more than the 70 minutes. That’s really crunch time.

So I allow myself a lot of time in the morning to wake up and give my Celiac body time to work.

No need to go into details there.

Take my meds.

Wait 20 or 30 minutes.

Eat a tiny snack.

Celiac time again.

And then we can head out.

But here’s the kicker.

Did I turn on the news???

Is Sean awake???  Because I love to spend the morning laying in bed talking to Sean. That will suck all my time away in the morning.

Is the kitchen messy?  I need to clean the kitchen…

As long as I’m cleaning the kitchen I can just make this list of things I need done this weekend…

Oh I should so make these phone calls…

I didn’t write a blog post yet so I’ll do that this morning…

I’m feeling a hangover from my migraine drugs.

Any one of these or all of these could be the reason I don’t get a run done in the morning.

modern family animated GIF


I don’t know what that’s about. I think I make awesome decisions.

Except for that run thing…

Today I’m a little stoned from a Defcon 1 migraine.  After taking pretty much every drug I have in the house I just dragged my drunk self to bed. I’d been painting all evening and who the hell knows if those lines are straight.  So today’s stall was legit. I just didn’t feel great and I need a few more hours to de-hangover.

movie animated GIF


So my new tactic is to not turn on the news!!

This is very hard for me.

I like to watch the news. It’s informative.

I know I know! Ya’ll don’t watch the news, it’s depressing, etc etc.

I watch it. Moving on.

But I’m trying not to because it is my number one ~stop me in my tracks~ procrastination move.

I get dressed and head straight to the headphones.  The sooner I go the better.

As soon as the sun gets high in the sky…

I lose interest. I realize something is wrong with me.

movie animated GIF


I embrace this side of me.

So far, this seems to be working okay. We’ll see.

Do you procrastinate about running/working out?

Do you just read my blog because you’re my mom/sister?

Do you not really care when you work out but hey the hangover GIF was kinda entertaining?

And finally…do you wish you had a cupcake right.this.minute?

I do. 




Run on…


7 Replies to “What are your procrastination triggers??”

  1. When I was streaking, I ran first thing almost every morning. It worked for me only because I was running mostly 1-3 miles a run. My body quickly adjusted, but I can’t do long runs like this. I don’t have enough energy without breakfast and I’m too paranoid about my tummy.

    I like my lazy mornings drinking coffee, playing words and catching up on the news on my Ipad. I like afternoon running. Though, I get more done when I run in the morning.

    1. I get that. Those early morning quickies. I love those and will sometimes throw them out just for the heck of it, then do another run later. I can’t run in the afternoon. Something is wrong with me. I have a huge mental block about the afternoon. So weird. Evening is perfect though. Like a second wind.
      I think it’s funny you’re too paranoid about your tummy…so much of this is in our mind…

  2. Yep, totally mental. Just like when you start running super long killer hills. I have to talk myself into it and almost visualize getting over that hurdle.

    I also feel safer in the afternoons. Early mornings, I’m more paranoid about cars and people too.

    Happy Running, Tess!!

  3. I totally procrastinate about running! Which is silly cos after I do it I get way more productive 🙂 I am neither your mum or your sister, I think, but I read your blog because it is lovely and genuine and I can tell you write it for you and that really appeals to me 🙂
    And yes, I want a cupcake right now (never mind that it’s almost 1am here, there is no bad time for a cupcake 🙂 )

    1. Thank you Lovely Girl. And I also want a cupcake right now. But when do I ever not. sigh.

      I ALWAYS feel better after I run. Even when the run sucks. Why why WHY do we procrastinate???

  4. I kinda procrastinate about everything. It’s hard. We always blame the dog for being so snuggly that we can’t get out of bed and do things on time.

    And I totally want a cupcake. 🙂

    1. Yep. For me it’s Sean. I never get to talk to him so I’ll totally stay for that time with him. But then I don’t get my run in. Sigh. A tough choice.

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