I wrote a post, I deleted a post, I wrote a post, I deleted a post. My new daisy petal game.

So let me try again and condense it all even though I don’t know how.

Alexander always rolls his hands forward in that “move it along” motion and tells me to speed the story up he doesn’t need all those details.

But I like giving details. How do you know about all that important stuff if you don’t hear the details? Ugh.



I’m so beyond sad about Nepal.

I’m grateful for survivors.

I’m heartbroken for the dead and wounded.

I pray for the aid workers and hope they get swift help from all directions.

I see several different sites to donate to:


Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders


Do good and be kind to each other.


I am 99% certain I was glutened last night at Red Robin as the hamburger bun I was given was way WAY too soft and delicious (nope, not kidding) and we all know gluten free buns aren’t really that delicious. There are a few brands that pass for not bad but in general it’s not something memorable for being soft and delicious. So when I saw it I immediately questioned it and had them send it back and question the cook.  It came back with “yep, we’re 100% positive it’s gluten free”. Okay then…still suspicious.

Before I was diagnosed I had a funky problem with not being able to swallow very well…really strange. Even the smallest pill.  Yesterday after I ate this burger…yep…my throat swelled up and I couldn’t swallow and within a few hours my voice was nearly gone. If that’s not a telling symptom…

friends animated GIF


Yesterday during my morning run something went terribly wrong.

I don’t know what. Maybe a twist? Maybe I landed wrong. I’m not sure.

But I ended up walking and limping about two and a half miles in.

I managed to get the run back up again but limped the rest of the day and into today.

I called and got a sports massage today and wow am I a tight mess, even with the foam rolling.

I did yoga right before I went so I felt like I was a little loosened up.

I limped back into the house and thought…I’m so out of luck with this race on Sunday.

What a sad day.

I’ll rest it this week.

I’ll yoga and do a few other healing things but I don’t want to push it. I’d rather run forever.

Bonus, I get to see my friends.

Bonus, I won’t be running 13 miles in 75* heat

Bonus, I can cheer them on if I can figure out where to meet them.

Sad day, I’m out a ridiculous amount of money

Sad day, I have to kill an hour and a half…(I have fast friends)

Sad day, I love to run in Pittsburgh.


Last night after I got home I needed to foam roll my leg. It was midnight. My head hurt and I felt awful with the glutening thing.

I sit on the floor with my little tub of creme that I use on my legs when they are injured and I’m prepared to start the process.  I grab the creme and start rubbing my left leg up and down and I think..

Huh…this creme feels weird.

It usually feels so good…like it’s healing my leg.

Instead it feels…weird..

I wonder why it feels … weird…

>fun fact…little tub of creme is the exact size and shape of my natural gluten free apricot face mask<

Could be because I’ve put my face mask on my leg and not my healing creme. That could be it. VERY sticky.  Very sticky indeed. Smells good though.

This will require a wash cloth thankyouverymuch.

I go to the restroom and get a washcloth and whypraytell is the washcloth now brown…

oh…of course…because it’s taking off my self tanner..and it’s doing a THOROUGH job.

So thorough…I now don’t match the right leg.

So…I have to take the washcloth and clean off the left leg too and now I have the whitest legs you’ve ever seen …ever…in the history of pale skin.

friends animated GIF

This was a traumatic experience. 

But even I found it entertaining.


I wanted to cry on the last few hills. But my clock was ticking away, so I had to pound it! And I got my PR♥

Run on…

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  1. Aww no that sounds horrible! So sorry to hear that Tess! I didn’t want to like this post cos I do not like that you got glutened!
    If this is helpful in anyway, I think of you when people tell me they’re gluten free at work and I take it VERY seriously and have a list of foods from the kitchen that are gluten free! Gluten free for realsies 🙂

    1. Nice! Thanks! Every little bit helps! I’ve read about servers that just didn’t know how serious it is so they didn’t take great care (serving a salad…whoops there’s bread on it…just take the bread off! now it’s fine! not.) and now they are Celiac and are so much more educated about it. It’s a process. 🙂

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