What’s your priority? I set bad precedents. Don’t listen to me.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had any time to breathe. It’s crazy. I’m constantly running from one place to another.

I have so much to do and I know realistically about 50% of it will just not get done.

So I am looking at my list and thinking…hmm

what’s not important. What can go…

I am famous for prioritizing really really poorly because of my OCD

If I have a houseful of people coming in four days I will choose that time to paint a room, reorganize the crawlspace and maybe clean the garage. But work on regular housework? I’ll be doing that at midnight the night before because I was busy doing the other stuff…I think because I start the regular cleaning and maybe put something away and I snap. That’s IT. I can’t take this closet one more MINUTE. And I’m on a roll.

demolish the bathroom? Yes please.


I also do it in my underwear and I look just like this. 

I don’t sing though.

Remodel the office? Sure.

You think I’m kidding.


My sister Catherine told me years ago when I called her sobbing because I had lost my military ID for like…the third time (actually I think it was only the second time but maybe my driver’s license was in there somewhere? but oh MAN I hate losing things) that she noticed when I’m stressed I lose important things. Generally I’m pretty organized, obviously. Right? I’m a little nuts like that.  But when I lose things they are BIG things. So wrong.

Yesterday I was out picking stuff up for my weekend trip and I head to the car and….

no keys.


>panicking I have to be at work across town in 32 minutes<

Don’t mess with my keys. They have a really special key chain on them. I anticipate losing it someday but I’ve held onto it for a long time and this was not the week to lose them.

Also, I really need to drive somewhere. LOL

Think think think…

cute animated GIF


I pop back into store “A” and she says she hasn’t seen them and then runs into the dressing room (I never try things on but this time I did)….Success!!  I even remember hearing them drop and thinking, don’t forget to grab those.


I need more sleep, more pain meds, and really just a little more time this week I think. Today I’m going to relax and try not to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I’ll just get done what I can get done.


I have this to say about Baltimore...the mother protecting her son, Toya Graham, she rocks. I realize she’s getting backlash for smacking him like that but you can bet your ass I’d do the same thing if I caught my kid throwing bricks at the police. If you want to peacefully protest ~which they had been doing for days, I might add!~ that’s your right to do and what this country is all about. But as soon as it becomes violent it loses it’s point and you lose your voice. No one is hearing you anymore. They are hearing you shout something else.

Also, I have made no secret of the fact that parenting is hard. And I live in suburban Colorado with middle class white kids. Middle class white kids who don’t ALWAYS follow the rules (I’m talking to you Alex Michael) but for the most part they are very very easy kids. And honest to heaven it’s hard. It’s ~stress me out I lost the ability to sleep cried myself through more days than I can remember and oh my gosh when do you stop worrying about them~ hard. It’s hard.  You can be parent of the year and give them all of your attention but you are just one or two parents and as soon as you send them out the door there are so many outside factors trying to get to your kid. Are they strong enough? We pray they are.

I cannot imagine being Toya Graham in Baltimore. I cannot.  And I admire her for her determination that says she can change her kids lives and her kids will be better. Every parents dream for their kids. Kudos to every parent who is working hard to get it right. We’re all just doing the best we can.


I went to yoga last night and I love beginner yoga. I don’t even know what yoga 2 IS. Beginner yoga is all about the basics and repetition. Right up my alley. I’m boring. And if you believe that…  hehe.

It felt so good after that I wanted to just come right home and foam roll it.

Instead I threw supper at Sean and went to bed.

Technically I didn’t even go to bed, I just thought I’d “lie down for a minute”.

That did not last long.

I was out. I had a pretty bad migraine from probably days of no sleep.

So drugs definitely helped with the ~put me to sleep~ issue.  But I’m bummed about the foam rolling…

I have a super busy day planned but I think I’ll try and elliptical and yoga later because the yoga totally helps the leg.

And yes…foam roll. If I can do it without falling asleep.


Thanks for all the support about Chicago! We’re  I’m SUPER EXCITED!!!! Michelle is working up to it. She’s remembering that in order to do it she has to run.

I did laugh a little bit at her…

And her husband is thinking…there goes the budget…


Maybe he needs some yoga so he can align his Chi.




Run on…

#LovetoAurora  today.  It’s day four of the trial and it’s hard for the victims and first responders to have to relive it like this.