The first step is admitting you have a problem. I am an overpacker.

I over pack. Yes. I admit it.

Now first of all…let’s ask this.

How man of you LOVE to buy new clothes before you travel?

I love it. Even when I’m just going out of town for like…a day and a half. What is that about??

I just want new things. It’s like the whole freaking adventure needs to be sparkly and shiny.

Also…it’s supposed to be like 80* and my bin of shorts and capris appears to have absolutely disappeared.

I had them in Alex Michael’s room and he said he wanted everything out so he could feel like it was his space.

Geez Dude…girl much?

I can say that because he asks MT all the time where his purse is.

I swear they are children even though they are adults.

girl animated GIF


Ain’t it the truth…

Anyway, in the moving process…somewhere along the line the box got moved somewhere and I don’t know where.

It’ll probably show up in three years and I won’t want any of those shorts anymore. HA.

So I had to buy new shorts.

and I do NOT enjoy shopping for shorts. Like…really not.

~~~~~we pause now for a special report~~~~~

I was talking to my girlfriend (yes I have those…some anyway) the other day and she was telling me she thinks women say one thing and think another. Which of course, is exactly what I’ve been saying. We WANT to think all good wonderful positive things like we love our bodies all the time and we don’t need to be a smaller size and we don’t need to fix this or that…but the moment we’re standing in the dreaded dressing room the dark cloud of sadness takes over and we don’t care if we never shop again because nothing ever fits right, we don’t feel good in our own skin and whythehellcan’tIloseweight???

Yep to all of that. For some people it really is just a matter of mathematics and if you do all the right things it works well. For others, it doesn’t. I have so many factors that play into my body that mathematics aren’t really affecting it as much as my side factors. I just have to find the right balance and I will hopefully stop bouncing up and down. That’s the most frustrating part.

~~~~~back to our regularly scheduled programming~~~~

but every once in a while I get to pick up something cute and THAT’S fun.

Meanwhile, I live in fear that I might have to wear something I’m not comfortable in so I take two or three of everything JUST IN CASE.

Good Lord. I’m going for two days and I have enough stuff to last me for five. easily. Maybe six. A portion of my list…

  • Two dresses.
  • Two pair of shorts.
  • Four shirts. (Two blouses. Two t shirts. What if I’m in a blouse mood? What if I’m in a t shirt mood?)
  • A sweater. I’m always cold. Always.
  • A small sweatshirt. I get cold when I sleep, also, if I race I can throw it away if need be.
  • Oh..the running clothes hello…two of all of those.  Slightly colder, slightly warmer.
  • Shoes. To walk in. To wear with a dress. What if my feet hurt? (my feet always hurt)
  • Did I mention I usually take all my underthings?  Yep. What if I have an underthing emergency?
  • All needed electronics (laptop, reading device and all important iPod). Yes, I use all three.  I live in a material world.

madonna animated GIF


I do realize when I’m doing it that I don’t NEED to take everything. But my chaotic brain feels calmer if I do it. I vote take care of the brain. Plus trying to narrow things down screws me with me.


choices animated GIF


I say that but really I think I’ve made a really basic decision. Take it all.

I did remember my toothbrush by the way.  I have a terrible tendency to forget that.

I normally make tedious lists on what not to forget and this time just went by memory so

A: I’m sure I’m forgetting something and

B: I don’t care. I have lots of options and it’ll be such a good time I’m okay with it. And guess what? They have stores in Pittsburgh!!


I saw my awesome fabulous chiropractor yesterday and he said wow…you are so twisted.

And he wasn’t even talking about my sense of humor. ha.

Which really can be a little twisted.

He said my pelvis was twisted?  Something like that. Then he popped it and BAM. He laughed and said ~there you go.

He also said…WOW. You are SO TIGHT.

Hey now.

That was rude.

And also incredibly true.

He gave me some super specific stretches to do and they should help and he said…

See me Monday.

Yes, sir.

I follow his rules, he got me through NYCM.


I’m going to yoga for a little while here and foam roll for a little while and then head to work.

Pittsburgh straight after work!!!

I’m so excited!!  It’s gonna be so fun!  I am going to miss our large group meet up in October for Chicago so I’m happy I get to have a mini meetup in Pitt.  And I love Pitt.  Pretty freakin’ awesome weekend.

I go back and forth because the introvert in me loves staying home and spending time with Sean.

This has been a difficult week for Sean and I. Work and extended family can provide challenges. The stress can really wear you down and tire you out emotionally and physically.



Aaaaaamen! Especially if you're in the habit of falling down like I do! ;)

I’m sure he’ll be missing me desperately and sitting home lonely and sad.

Hey now. He COULD be. You don’t know.

He always knows I love him. Madly.

Run on…





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  1. Good luck, Tess!!

    80, really. Oh goodness.

    I regularly loose clothes because I refuse to put away wrinkled clothes until they are ironed. It makes finding things much easier, but it’s a constant battle to stay ahead of the battle.

    1. Thanks Diane!!
      It looks like the temp is down to 75*!
      And that’s hilarious about the wrinkled clothes. We all have our things, right?

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